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    Both accounts on one SE ID.. friends decided to quit so i have no reason to play ._.

    Account 1

    Mithra 5A

    CD keys : no
    OO info : yes
    Transfer : N/A

    Rank 9 Sandy
    Rotz: Awakening (Suppanomimi Earring)
    CoP: Dawn (Tamas Ring)
    ToAU: Testing of Waters
    ACP : Done (Mirke Warecors - RNG. ATT. +10 RNG ACC. +10)
    Moogle: mission 9 i think
    Shantto : X
    Nyzul Floor : 100

    Jobs @ 85: NIN, WHM, BLM, RDM, RNG -- BRD @ 82 -- THF @ 75

    Ungur Boomerang
    Byakko's Haidate
    Denali (Head and Body)
    Goliard (Body and Feet)
    WHM AF2 ( Full set)
    Hecatomb (head and leg)
    Zenith (Head and Legs)
    Love Torque
    Morgana's Choker
    NIN AF2 (Body, Legs, Feet)
    Aoidos' Calot
    Homam (Hands and Legs)
    BRD AF2 (Head, hands +1 and legs and bard's cape)
    Assassin Armlets and the feet
    YY Robe
    SMN AF2 (Full set)
    Enkidu (Legs)
    other AF2
    Buccaneer's belt
    Swift belt
    Shadow Clogs
    Siege Bow
    Loxley Bow
    RNG AF2 (head, body and legs)

    Account 2

    Tarutaru Male

    Main Jobs: 90 WAR BLM RDM 76 SMN 74 WHM
    Sub Jobs: 52 NIN 45 DRK 47 SAM

    General Info
    Server Transfer: Available
    Original Owner: No (But I have OO information and have had this account for over 4 years)
    S-E Account: Yes; token deactivated

    Missions, Etc.
    Nation: Windurst Rank 10, Sandoria Rank 10, Bastok Rank 10 (All Nations Rank 10)
    Rotz: The Celestial Nexus (AA Earring = Suppanomimi)
    CoP: Dawn - (Ring of your choice (Tamas, Rajas, etc.); available in 6 more Earth days)
    ToAU: The Eternal Mercenary (Balrahn's Ring)
    WotG: Sandswept Memories
    ACP: The Echo Awakens
    AMKd: Drenched! It Began with a Raindrop
    ASA: That Which Curdles Blood
    80 Item Storage, 80 Mog Safe, 48 Storage (can add more with more furniture), 80 Mog Locker, 80 Satchel, and 80 Sack
    Runic Key Obtained: Can open Nyzul floors 1-100
    Mark of the Einherjar Obtained: Can open all Einherjar chambers
    Dynamis Access: Dynamis-Tavnazia Access, Dynamis - Xarcabard beaten

    Abyssea: All purchased, Shinryu defeated (Twilight Belt, Cape, and Torque obtained)

    Current Traverser Stones: 310 (4 also held on character)
    Current Cruor: 432,636 (2 Brews!)

    Confluence Abyssites: 2 (Reduces conflux cost)
    Expertise Abyssites: 2 (Reduces martello recast time)
    Ivory Abyssite of Guerdon: (Receive catholican and dusty elixir upon visitant)
    Ivory Abyssite of the Reaper: (+10% Cruor from enemies)
    Sojourn Abyssites: 6/6 (48 minutes per stone)
    Celerity Abyssites: 3/3 (1 stone every 8 hours)
    Avarice Abyssites: 1/3 (Can hold 4 stones)
    Acumen Abyssites: 3/3 (3 chest guesses instead of 6)
    Lenity Abyssites: 4/9 (40% decreased exp loss upon death)
    Merit Abyssites: 5/6 (HP and MP boosts)
    Furtherance Abyssites: 2/3 (Base Stats +10 each; total of +20)
    Fortune Abyssites: 3/3 (Chests drop more frequently)
    Kismet Abyssites: 2/3 (Better Blue chests)
    Destiny Abyssites: 3/3 (Better Gold chests)
    Prosperity Abyssites: 1/3 (Better Red chests)
    Perspacity Abyssites: 3 (+10% exp gain; +30% total)
    Lunar Abyssites: 3/3 (3 Atmas can be Used)
    Atma of the Apocalypse: Obtained (Triple Attack+10%, Quick Cast, Auto reraise 3)
    Abyssite of the Cosmos: 200,000 cruor Primeval Brews
    Abyssite of Discernment: Can discern monsters Red, Yellow, and Blue weakness!!


    Synthetic: Full Moon, Beast King, Kirin, Dragon Rider, Impenetrable, Alpha and Omega, Ultimate, Hybrid Beast, Zenith, Rescuer

    Regular: Stout Arm, Eternity, Heavens, Baying Moon, Ebon Hoof, Tremors, Voracious Violet, Cloak and Dagger, Stormbird, Noxious Fang, Vicissitude, Beyond, Stronghold, Harvester, Dunes, Cosmos, Siren Shadow, Adamantine, Calamity, Baleful Bones, Clawed Butterfly, Desert Worm, Undying, Impregnable Tower, Demonic Skewer, Golden Claw, Gnarled Horn, Strangling Wind, Deep Devourer, Mounted Champion, Razed Ruins, Rapid Reptilian, Winged Enigma, Untouched, Sanguine, Minikin Monstrosity, Would-Be King, Demonic Lash, Murky Miasma, Merciless Matriarch, Brother Wolf, Ascending One, Scorpion Queen, Smiting Blow, Lone Wolf, Crimson Scale, Scarlet Wing, Plaguebringer, Persistent Predator, Stone God, Sun Eater, Despot, Solitary One, Sea Daughter, Hateful Stream, Sundering Slash, Entwined Serpents, Apocalypse

    Mega Boss Key Item Pops (full): Amphitrite, Alfard, Itzpapalotl, Briareus (not complete 2/3), Lacovie, Eccentric Eve


    God Tier Augments:
    Wivre Hairpin (Refresh +1)
    Dark Ring #1 (Physical Damage Taken -5%, Breath Damage Taken -3%, Magic Damage Taken -3%)
    Dark Ring #2 (Physical Damage Taken -4%, Breath Damage Taken-5%, Magic Damage Taken -4%)
    Igqira Weskit: (INT+4); (still better than the MAB+3 Literae Coat augment he has!)
    Moblin Cest: (Magic Def. Bonus +1, Fast Cast +1, Mcrit+1)

    Merits (6736/10000 1/20 merits held):
    MP: 8/8, INT 5/5, Sword 8/8, Great Axe 8/8, Evasion 4/4: Elemental Magic 8/8, Enfeebling Magic 8/8, Enmity Decrease 4/4, Spell Interruption Down 4/4

    Warrior: Berserk Recast 5/5, Agressor Recast 1, Double Attack Rate 4, Warrior's Charge 5/5, Savagery 5/5
    Black Mage: Ice Magic Potency 5/5, Lightning Magic Potency 5/5, Flare II 1, Freeze II 3, Tornado II 1, Burst II 5
    Red Mage: Convert Recast 5/5, Ice Magic Accuracy 5/5, Slow II 5/5, Bio III 5/5


    Item Sets:
    Zenith: 4/5 (missing Zenith Pumps; has Dalmatica)
    Oracle's: 3/5 (Cap, Robe, and Pigaches)
    Goliard: 2/5 (Clogs and Saio (body))
    Serpentes: 2/2 (Cuffs, Sabots)
    Augur's: 4/4 (Jaseran, Gloves, Brais, Gaiters)
    Nashira: 2/5 (Turban and Seraweels)

    Warrior Specific Items:
    Weapon 1: Widowmaker (Great Axe; has access to Fell Cleave)
    Weapon 2: Ridill
    WAR AF3+1: 5/5
    WAR AF3 Accessories: 1/3 (Ravager's Orb)
    Adaman Hauberk (aka Ebody; still better than AF3+1 in most situations)
    Atheling Mantle (Attack+20 Double Attack+2%)
    Brutal Earring
    Soil Gorget
    Omicron Ring (STR+5; Salvage: Counter +2)

    Black Mage Specific Items:
    BLM AF1+1: 2/5 (Coat and Petasos (hat))
    BLM AF2: 4/5 (Hat+1; missing Sabots)
    BLM AF2 Accessory: Sorcerer's Belt obtained
    BLM AF3+1: 2/5 (Petasos and Sabots)
    BLM AF3 Accessories: 2/3 (Goetia Mantle and Goetia Chain; missing Goetia Earring)
    (NOTE: Has Sorcerer's Ring and all gear needed to proc it)

    Red Mage Specific Items
    RDM AF1+1: 1/5 (Hat; NQ everything else in storage)
    RDM AF2: 3/5 (Chapeau, Tabard, Gloves)
    RDM AF3+1: 2/5 (Chapeau and Houseaux (legs)); 8/10 Body Seals in Mog Satchel
    RDM AF3 Accessories: 1/3 (Estoqueur's Cape)

    White Mage Specific Items
    WHM AF2: 2/5 (Body and Legs)
    WHM AF3+1 Seals: 11/8 Head, 11/8 Legs, 3/8 Feet, 1/10 Body (Just need to turn in)

    Summoner Specific Items:
    AF2: 3/5 (Horn, Bracers, Spats)

    Miscellaneous Important Items: Hecate's and Moldavite Earrings, All HQ Staves (minus Apollo's), Joyeuse, Aqua Sachet, Bullwhip Belt, Byakko's Haidate, Portent Pants (Enf, Dark, Enhancing+15), Goading Belt (Haste+5%, StoreTP+5 ALL JOBS), Searing Cape, Pluviale, Eradico Mitts, Hecatomb Cap, Prudence Torque, Morgana's Choker, Gleeman's Cape, Aslan Cape, Iota Ring, Omega Ring, Loquacious Earring, Aquilo's Ring, Bounding Boots, Optical Hat, Walahra Turban, Homam Head and Hands

    PM me with offers!
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