US WTS 2 male elvaan 90x8 bc100 and 90x3

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    hello i have 2 chars both on the same SE account so selling them together the token was deactivated once all chars recieved satchel.
    both chars are on Caitsith.

    first account.
    elvaan male white hair no beard
    90: nin, blm, rdm, thf(th6), drk, sam, pld, war
    75+: whm, brd, smn, dnc

    windy rank 10
    sandy rank9
    bastok 0
    cp windy 300k+
    cp sandy 200k+
    isp about 70k
    traverse stones last checked was 200 that was over 1month ago and i have all abyssites for time so im sure over 300 now.
    shinru access, +atma +all drops (twilight belt, tourqe, cloak, dagger, syth, body, helm, cape)

    ok now im going off top of my head here gonna list what i think is good from what i remember.

    salveage- morry robe, usa legs, morry hands, all complete
    2/3 ares body missing 15. many other singles there all on mog slip
    sky/king- ebody, dalmy wlegs, zenith legs,hands,head. heca body,hands,feet,
    limbus- homam hands, legs, feet nashira head, legs
    whm 6/6
    brd 6/6
    war 6/6
    rdm 4/6 missing belt and legs
    thf 3/6 missing legs,body,cape
    blm 5/5 missing belt
    then just bunch of randoms for other jobs
    sam hands, nin hands others all on moogle slip

    bunch of random af+1
    bunch of random af3+1
    have nin af3+2 feet/legs
    thf af3 +2 feet/legs ( means i have th6)
    epona ring, (dblatt 3% tiplle attk 3%)
    atheling mantle (attk20 double attk 3%)
    8/8 hq staves( i know they mean nothing anymore but still full set)
    hero's galea
    dornen schuhs
    ballerines( only good for thf sence nin gets 5 shadows with af3 feet)
    ace's sabtons (fake usa feet lol)
    goetia chain and back
    lmg medallion
    morgans choker
    enfeebling tourqe
    stone gorget
    creed baudrie
    hecate's earring ( wanna be novio lol)
    modly earring
    helenus/cassandrus earring set
    karka ring
    omega ring

    angr harpe
    clement skean
    rapidus sax
    shamshir +2
    vermeil bhuj
    raveagers orb
    raiders boomerang
    cronners cithara ( ballad +1 harpe)
    seigneur sheild
    januwiyah +1
    meridian ring
    bomb queen ring
    jelly ring
    seawolf club
    siege bow
    noesis helm
    chefs hat cooking+1
    bone apron bone +1
    bone glasses bone +1
    Facio bliaut augments are ( cure pot 14% enmity -1 conserve mp+1)
    augurs jaseran
    reverned mail
    yingyang robe
    eradico mitts
    carby mitts
    tandava crackows
    nin af3 back
    evokers ring
    bloodbead ring
    vilmas ring
    musical earring
    enkidu's harness
    goliard legs/feet/body/head
    askar body/feet/hands
    denali head/legs
    danzo suna ate ( 12% speed feet for sam/nin)
    justice toruqe
    MOZO(nin emp katana finished all way up to barious helms i never started so you can do woe version instead i do have about 14 sobek skins tho so i would go full emp ) its easy anyway

    shinru acess to all wins massive amount of atmas think 6 pages worth or so i forget
    lots and lots of seals and +2 items

    oh yeah forgot crafts
    bone 100+2
    fishing 59
    ww 60
    smithing 5
    gold 50
    cc 60
    lw 60
    alch 60
    cookin 60+1
    synergy is unlocked but only have like .5 not even lv 1 yet(has mats in furnace still to)

    currenty have 9/20 merit points almost all jobs fully merited i know some under 90 arnt done think maybe drk isnt done but ones that are not done are close mostly everything else is capped out
    rdm has bio3/slow 2 5/5

    hmm not sure what else to put. i have a mule on this account with 80 mog 70 invo 70 satchel 70 sack awsome for storing love you. there is also 4 more mules on this account

    ok and now for next account.
    male elvaan yellow hair one
    90 war whm blu
    75+ blm83 mnk86 rdm88 thf75 pld79 nin80
    rank 10 sandy
    rank 10 windy
    shinryu access twilight cape/belt/tourqe/helm
    traverse stones about 2-300 has all 3 abyssites
    has all atmas that first account has as i took him with me everywere has all boss clears
    dyna tav access xarc clear
    fishing 48
    smithin 51
    rest at or below 20

    whm is awsome on this char could dual box anything with my nin and his whm has
    whm af3+1 head/legs/ af3 neck back i started the cure staff but never finished it.
    war has fellcleave pertty decnet gear
    blue has af3 +1 head/legs/feet
    has stoens for thfaf3+2 feet just never finished getting the +1 seals
    Almace at barious helms stage 0/50 helms 15/50 sobek skins

    bunch of r/e gear
    massive atmas rr vv mm apoc

    this account has 1 mule on it it is lv 68 rdm hume brown hair
    cooking 72+2
    fisning 72

    both accounts are on same SE account both are still active till end of april
    i would say there should be about 6mil gil on hand
    and should be 3-5 in sellables mostly r/e gear

    transfer is up on both chars last used 2yrs ago

    any questions just ask and i can answere im sure im missing alot of info kinda just doing this off hand atm
    starting at 300.oo you pay mm if you want it wu only paypal maybe deping on trader feedback i am the oo of these accounts one is my name one is my dads i dont know were the keys are being i have like 12 copys of this damn game and never thought to keep them >.> having 3 kid due in june and just wanna be done. tomuch love you to do now. happy bidding
    again ask anything you want i will answere to best of my knowledge.
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