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    Ok pretty much re-posting these 2 because I've finished alot of dumb little things and changed the landscape of them. Accounts are linked to a deactivated security token. I do have codes.

    Account 1:

    Notable Gear:
    Full WAR AF3+2
    BLM AF3+2 Head/Body/Hands/Legs BLM AF3+1 Feet
    WHM AF3+2 Head/Body/Legs WHM AF3+1 Hands/Feet
    RDM AF3+1 Head/Legs/Body/Hands/Feet
    THF AF3+2 Head/Feet THF AF3+1 Body/Legs/Hands
    DRK AF3+1 Head/Body/Hands/Legs/Feet
    PLD AF3+2 Body PLD AF3+1 Head/Hands/Legs/Feet
    Ravager's gorget/earring/orb
    Rajas Ring
    All Twilight gear
    Dark Ring (Augmented Phys -5% Mag -5% Spell Interuption -6%)
    Peacock Charm
    Goetia Neck/waist/earring
    Orison earring/back
    Surya's Staff+2 (Have +54% cure pot total to mix/match and reach 50% cap)
    Serpentes Cuffs/Sabots
    Aces' Hose
    Augur's gloves/body
    Bullwhip Belt
    Cure Clogs
    Loq. Earring
    Hecates Earring
    Up to VWNM Jueno teir 2 path with 180 stones in stock.
    Fully equipped and ready to play any job. 3 millionish in gear on current server, which is Leviathan. Transfer is up. 2.1 million gill on hand.

    Account 2: Mithra w/ headband on.
    THF AF3+2 Head/Body/Legs/Feet THF AF3+1 Hands
    NIN AF3+2 Head/Body/Legs NIN AF3+1 Hands/feet
    BLM AF3+1 Head/Hands/Body/Legs/Feet
    Hecates Earring
    Strendu Ring
    Epona's ring
    Twilight Dagger/Belt/Cape/Helm
    Fully geared for all jobs with an estiamated million or so in gear. 400k on hand.
    Also on levi server and ready for transfer.
    Also up to Jeuno teir 2 path VWNM with 180 stones in stock.

    I'm not listing alot because its seriously way too much to type.. if someone seems serious about purchasing I'll go through the trouble of making full detailed ss's.
    WU/MG only
    Buyer pays for MM and cost to send money. Please keep that in mind when bidding. Opening bid: 300$
    Buyout: 450$
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