US WTS 12x LV. 90 Account -- Masamune (85)

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    Great account that has been worked on since 2007.
    I am the original owner and have all necessary CD keys.

    Hume Male
    Odin Server (Transfer is ready to be used!)

    Masamune Empyrean Weapon (Lv. 85)
    12x level 90 jobs (RDM SMN BLM WHM PLD NIN DRK SAM THF BRD BST DRG[DRG has been finished to 90 since taking screenshots, WAR is now 79]) with full merits.
    Over 80 Atma and Abyssites (including Absolute Virtue/Pandemonium Warden atma)
    Several quested weapon skills

    Bastok/Zilart/CoP/ToAU/ACP mission lines completed
    Hundreds of completed quests

    Over 20 million gil in sellables including mars?s ring, minerva?s ring, dusk gloves +1, juogi, white tathlum

    Several completed salvage pieces including ares?s cuirass, marduk?s tiara, marduk?s legs, and ares?s feet. As well as several 15s, 25s, and 35s to upgrade future equipment.

    28 key items used to spawn monsters in Abyssea areas, and almost 900k cruor to spend.

    15 pieces of AF3+2 equipment with many other +2 upgrade items ready to be used.
    35 pieces of AF3+1 equipment, and over 70 seals to complete additional AF3+1 equipment.

    Photos of equipment/job levels/face/mission status are below.

    Buyer agrees to pay for and use the Middle Man service.

    Seeking to get around $500.00 USD for this account if using PayPal, but I will set buyout at $450.00 USD (+ MM service) for Western Union transactions due to the fact they are easier in nature.

    If you have any other questions about this account, feel free to PM me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.