US WTS 10x90; 1 x 93, all expansion WHM/BLM account

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    rank 10 sandy; zilart - ark angels; cop - the secrets of worship; Toau - astral waves; wotg - back to the beginning; ACP - finished; AMKD & ASA - not finished.

    whm, rdm, bst, thf, smn, dnc, mnk, blm, sam - 90; nin -93

    notable gears;
    twilight cloak, helm, dagger, torque, belt
    alcide's harness, subligar, magoraga beads, anguinus belt, antheling mantle, kemas earring, keen & heed ring, quint spears, keitonotachi - trial 1597

    basic whm pl account. Most usable atmas, MM, RR, vv, apoc, beyond, etc.
    transfer is down for another 2.5 months

    start 80 - buyout 130.
    pm if interested. thanks
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.