US WTF 90 COR (wildfire) 90 WHM 90 RNG

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    Jobs and Levels = 90 WHM COR RNG 75 pld 50 rdm 37 war 17 blm
    Race = elf
    Face Type = beard white
    Xfer = UP

    Main: 90 WHM COR RNG
    Gil on hand?: 300k
    Conquest Points?: 39k
    Rank in Cities?: 8 sandy
    Dynamis Status?: xarc + dream

    Zilart Missions Completed?: the sealed shine
    If yes, earring? knight earring

    COP: O
    COP Missions Completed?: Dawn
    If yes, ring? sattva ring

    ToAU: O
    ToAU Missions Completed?: royal puppeteer
    If yes, ring? X
    Imperial Standing?: 1k
    Assault rank?: pvt

    WoTG: cait sith
    WotG Missions?: 3
    Allied notes?: 25k
    Campaign Rank? allied ribbon of bravery

    Mini-expansions: Abyssea all 3
    ACP Completed?: X
    MKE Completed?: X
    ASA Completed?: X

    Crafts?: Leathercraft 110
    Clothcraft 60
    Smithing 53
    Goldsmithing 47


    AF3+2 legs
    Af3+1 head
    serp hands/feet
    whm acc earring+back
    nobles tunic
    HQ light staff
    45mp earring

    WoE wildfire
    AF3+2 feet ( 20% boost to fire WS's aka wildfire)
    AF3+1 head/body/feet
    Loki kaftan
    clearview earring
    MAB+6 earring

    Af1+1 hands/legs
    Af2 head/legs/feet
    misc items

    homam feet/head
    AF1+ AF2 sets


    whm = allue/mm/stormbird
    cor = smoldering skys/lone wolf/ultimate
    rng = VV/drifter/GH

    3 lunar

    around 1-1.5m cruor

    Account Type: NA,
    Are you the original owner?: X
    If no, do you have original owner's info?:X
    SE ID attached? X
    Do you have the Secret Question & Answer? X
    Do you have PoL or FF CD keys?: X
    First and last 4 digits of credit card available?: O
    Is your account activated? O
    If yes, are there any unpaid fees? Mules or server transfers you performed. (Check new services on account):
    Were you ever banned?: X
    If yes, why?:
    Did you ever do a chargeback? X

    PM OFFERS thanks

    Starting bid $250
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