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    95 WAR, 91 THF, 90 PLD, 90 RNG, 90 SMN
    49 WHM RDM NIN DNC SAM... 32 BLM

    Male Hume, Spiky brown hair

    weapons= Twilight Knife, 2 Kila+2 ( 1 is STR/ATK other is AGI/Evas), Parazonium+2(occ atk 2-4x), Shamshir+2 (-10%dmg),honorbound
    Kartika(few trials away from Dagger Empyerean), Carabinier's Axe(+Archery skill), Vision bow, Widowmaker,many other misc weapons.

    AF3+2= thf head,body,feet,,boomerang,belt.... RNG Hands, legs...WAR body,legs, feet,earring,neck (hands 1 seal away)...PLD hands

    AF3+1= RNG Feet,body,head....THF legs,hands...PLD head,body,legs,feet... SMN head,body,hands,feet,legs...
    Rare items= Twilight helmet, Twilight belt, ocelot trousers,Hecate's Earring,Epona's Ring, Trotter boots, Zelus Tiara,
    Uther's Grip, Assassin Glove(+TH)

    Other Items= Goading Belt, Torero Torque, Bullwhip belt, jelLY ring, Sylvan Cape, Clearview earring,Twilight Torque, Seignur Shield
    Full Homam,nierenschutz, creed baudrier, hero's Galea, caller's pendant, full askar, charger mantle,evoker's ring,artio's axe,
    Many Random AF1+2 from limbus, brutal earring, loq. earring., rajas,bow/dagger/gun Hachimaki(+5 skill), Loki Kaften. Atheling
    Mantle,Agasaya's Collar, snow gorget, snow belt, boxer mantle, optical hat

    Transfer ready. COP TOAU ZILART done. WOTG close to finished.

    400+ merits? somewhere in that ballpark

    1.2 Mil gil

    200.00 USD.

    [email protected]

    Looking foward to your business.

    Have all information and codes for account. POL.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.