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    Original owner with registration information, POL codes, and SE Question/Answer. Account is not attached to a token. No trades. WU and MM only. Starting bid at $200. Buyout at $300. Hoping to sell by this weekend.

    Race: Male Tarutaru
    Nation: Bastok Rank 10 (Windurst Rank 10, San'dOria Rank 10)
    RotZ: Bushinomimi Earring
    CoP: Tamas Ring
    Apocalypse Nigh: Ethereal Earring
    ToAU: Ulthalam Ring -- Assault: Captain Rank --Nyzle Isle: Floor 100
    WotG: Betrayal at Beaucedine --Campaign: Medal of Altana
    --nation quests up to the point of the main WotG mission
    A Crystalline Prophey/A Moogle Kupo d'Etat/A Shantotto Ascension: not purchased
    Visions/Scars/Heroes of Abyssea: all zone quests completed. Shinryu access

    ~BLM has all spells (including ThunderV/Thundaja/BlizzardV/Blizzaja/Comet) with the exception of Breakga
    ~SMN has all pacts and avatars (including Odin and Alexander)

    Fishing100+3, Leathercraft100+3
    Clothcraft60+1, Woodworking60, Smithing60, Goldsmithing60, Bonecraft60, Alchemy60, Cooking60, Synergy1

    HP/MP: MP(15)
    Attributes: INT(12)
    Combat Skills: Hand2Hand Skill(8), Dagger SKill(8), Sword SKill(8), Evasion Skill(4), Parrying Skill(4)
    Magic Skills: Enfeebling Magic Skill(8), Elemental Magic Skill(8), Summoning Skill(8)
    Others: Critical Hit Rate(5), Spell Interruption Rate(5)
    Warrior: Warcry Recast(5), Double Attack Rate(5) - Warrior's Charge(5), Savagery(5)
    Monk: Counter Rate(5), Kick Attack Rate(5) - Formless Strikes(5), Invigorate(5)
    White Mage: Cure Cast Time(5), Bar Spell Effect(5) - Protectra V(5), Shellra V(5)
    Black Mage: Ice Magic Potency(5), Lightning Magic Potency(5) - FreezeII(5), BurstII(5)
    Red Mage: Convert(5), Ice Magic Accuracy(2), Wind Magic Accuracy(3) - Slow II(3), Paralyze II(3), Bio III(4)
    Thief: Flee Recast(5), Triple Attack Rate(5) - Assassin's Charge(5), Feint(5)
    Paladin: Sentinel Recast(5), Rampart Recast(5) - Fealty(5), Chivalry(5)
    Dark Knight: Souleater Recast(5), Last Resort Effect(5) - Dark Seal(5), Desperate Blows(5)
    Beastmaster: Killer Effects(5), Call Beast Recast(5) - Beast Affinity(5), Beast Healer(5)
    Bard: Lullaby Recast(5), Minuet Effect(5) - Troubadour(1)
    Ranger: Sharpshot Recast(5), Rapid Shot Rate(5)
    Samurai: Store TP Effect(5), Meditate Recast(5)
    Ninja: Subtle Blow Effect(5), Suiton Effect(1) - Ninja Tool Expertise(5)
    Dragoon: Jump Recast(3), Super Jump Recast(4) - Deep Breathing(1)
    Summoner: Avatar Physical Accuracy(5), Avatar Physical Attack(5) - Heavenly Strike(5), Wind Blade(5)
    Dancer: Step Accuracy(5), Haste Samba Effect(5)
    Weapon Skills: Shijin Spiral(1), Exenterator(1), Requiscat(1), Ruinator(1), Shattersoul(1)

    Abyssea Atmas
    Lion/Stout Arm/Heavens/Voracious Violet/Cloak and Dagger/Stormbird/Noxious Fang
    Beyond/Thrashing Tendrils/Calamity/Clawed Butterfly/Desert Worm/Gnarled Horn
    Strangling Wind/Deep Devourer/Mounted Champion/Razed Ruins/Bludgeoning Brute
    Sanguine Monstrosity/Brother Wolf/Lone Wolf/War Lion/
    Plaugebringer/Purgatory/Despot/Sea Daughter/Sundering Slash/Aquatic Ardor/
    Heir/Hero/Full Moon/Illusions/Banisher/Sellsword/Beast King/Kirin/Dragon Rider/
    Impenetrable/Alpha and Omega/Ultimate/Hybrid Beast/Dark Depths/Zenith/
    Perfect Attendance/Bushin/Ace Angler/Ingenuity/Royal Lineage/Dark Blade/Ducal Guard

    Abyssea Abyssites
    Sojourn (5/6) - Celerity (3/3) - Avarice(3/3) - Confluence(3/3) - Expertise(3/3)
    Fortune(3/3) - Kismet(2/3) - Prosperity(3/3) - Destiny(3/3) - Acumen(2/3) - Lenity(9/9) - Perspicacity(2/3)
    Reaper(2/3) - Guerdon(2/3) - Furtherance(3/3) - Merit(6/6) - Lunar(3/3) - Discernment(1/1) - Cosmos(1/1)

    VoidWatch Key Items
    Crimson Stratum Abyssite - Indigo Stratum Abyssite IV - Jade Stratum Abyssite IV
    Periapt of Emergence - Vivid Periapt of Exploration - Vivid Periapt of Concentration
    Vivid Periapt of Focus - Dusky Periapt of Readiness - Atmacite of Onslaught - Atmacite of Destruction
    Atmacite of Temperance - Atmacite of Discipline - Atmacite of Latitude

    ~3M Gil on hand/~1,325,000 Cruor/842+ Traverser stones/20+ Voidstones/~1000 Conquest Points/~16,000 Imperial Standing/~1000 Allied Notes
    -Ebisu Fishing Rod
    -Maat's Cap
    -BLM AF3+2 Head/Body/Legs BLM AF3+1 Hands/Feet
    -SMN AF3+2 Head/Body/Legs SMN AF3+1 Hands/Feet
    -RDM AF3+1 Head/Body/Hands/Legs/Feet
    -Vourukasha I (LVL99 Magian Ice Staff)
    -Apamajas I (LVL99 Magian Thunder Staff)
    -8 HQ Elemental Staves
    -Stoicheion Medal
    -Peacock Amulet
    -Twilight Belt/Cape/Torque/
    -Hecate's Earring
    -Epona's Ring
    -Atheling Mantle
    -Augur's Jaseran
    -Dilaram's Sollerts
    -Morrigan's Robe
    -Byakko's Haidate
    -BLM AF2(5/5), RDM AF2(5/5), WHM AF2(5/5)
    -Unused Themis Orb, 293 Beastmen Seals, 156 Kindred Seals, 411 Kindred's Crests, 285 High Kindred Crests
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