US TARU M 85 WAR THF RDM BLM COR Ukko/Wildfire WoE weapons, gear, and gil! ( 1 2)

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    Looking to sell my blonde acorn head tarutaru '-')/

    has all mini/abyssea expansions
    home nation windurst, has most op warps
    shinryu beat

    every thing else 37 or below


    Bedlam+2 (WoE Wildfire gun)
    Maschu+2 (WoE Ukko's Fury gaxe)
    War af3+2 body/legs/feet, +1 head and some seals for hands but not done
    Cor af3+2 hat/legs, feet are +1
    Thf af3+2 feet for TH, hat+1
    Atheling Mantle
    Ziel Charm
    Hecatomb Cap
    Loki's Kaftan
    Metallon Mantle
    Ravager's gorget
    Tactical Mantle
    Tarutaru sash with TH+1 augment
    Heafoc Mitts
    Schutzen Mittens
    Spry Tights - for thf with 5 agi and 9 eva augment
    Bullwhip belt
    Twilight Belt
    Lunar cap
    sol cap
    sprout beret

    Tons of other misc items that i can take screenshots of later upon request not going to type it all out

    Also comes with 10m+ liquid gil still selling stuff

    Has all usual atmas and many additional ones from each zone. Also has 5-10 glaviod shells, a few itzap empyrean items and 13 Orthus claws for empyrean dagger/gaxe magian trials and some unused seals/+2 upgrade items

    Not setting a price yet as I have no idea what it would currently go for, happy bidding!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.