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    This is a Tarutaru account on the Carbuncle server with transfer ready with these jobs:
    90+ BLM, WHM, RDM, BLU
    83 DRK

    MNK: Asuran, Ascetics, Emp is @WoE/Aby NM branching off point, so still your choice
    All blunt procs for Blue !!: Retribution, Black Halo. Except Hexa Strike (obviously)
    AF3+2: Head, Body, Hands, Legs
    AF3+1: Feet

    WAR: Steel Cyclone, King's Justice, all red abyssea procs that war can use.
    AF3+1: Head, Hands, Legs, Feet

    SAM: Kasha, Rana, NQ Fudo
    AF3+2: Legs
    AF3+1: Head, Hands, Feet

    BST: Decimation, Primal Rend
    AF3+2: Legs
    AF3+1: Feet, Hands

    AF3+1: Head, Feet, Hands

    SMN: All avatars but Odin and Alexander
    AF3+1: Head, Body, Hands, Legs

    BLM: Retribution
    AF3+2: Body
    AF3+1: Head, Hands, Legs, Feet

    RDM: Savage Blade, Evisceration
    AF3+2: Legs, Feet
    AF3+1: Head, Body, Hands

    2.5 Million gil
    Almost all of the really good Abyssea Atmas, only notable ones I'm missing are the one for Pandemonium Warden, and Atma of the Ultimate. Have almost 1000 traverser stones saved up. Almost 3 million Cruor with Abyssite that makes Prim. Brew only 200k cruor.
    Gear too numerous to mention, but some examples:
    Brutal Earring, Rajas Ring, Asagaya's Collar, Atheling Mantle, Goading Belt, Twilight Belt, Kirin's Osode
    Mission wise i'm slacking a bit.
    COP done (Rajas)
    Zilart (nothing past DM done, chose Bushinomimi)
    ToAU: Black Coffin
    WOTG: almost halfway through quests/mission but that is in all nations.
    Abyssea: Done, Shinryu won and received Atma for cheap Prim. Brew. (Almost 3million Cruor)
    ACP: Done
    AMK: 1/2
    ASA: 1/2
    Many many af+1 seals for all jobs. I haven't thrown away a single one. Most have been mailed to my mule for inv. space reasons. Many already have complete sets.
    Almost every job is fully merited.

    I CANNOT ACCEPT PAYPAL. Sold an account for my first character and got screwed over. Will go into detail about how and why I can't use Paypal if you wish. Just send me a PM.
    I will accept cash or money order or even personal check if you don't mind waiting for it to clear first. I will not be screwed over by gilsellers again.
    Which is also why i've priced this account relatively low.
    Send me a PM if you have any questions or email me directly at [email protected]
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