US Sick SAM and BLM Account, 8 Lv.90s, MASAMUNE(85)! 9.5M Gil! Must see! ( 1 2)

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    Selling this really nice Mage and Melee account here, if you're looking to smash and bash this account will definatly get the job done. The BLM is decked out and the SAM is equally geared with a Masamune!

    Basic Info:
    Original Owner: No, but only one previous owner. Have owned this account for a couple years now with no issues. ALL OO info is available, including ALL keys for the account.
    Transfer: Available.
    Expansion Info: ALL expansions, ALL finished with reward EXCEPT WotG.

    Jobs @90

    Noteable Gear
    MASAMUNE Lv.85
    Magican Trial ICE AND LIGHTNING STAFF +2!
    FULL BLM +2
    FULL SAM +2
    Partial +1/+2 WAR
    Partial +1/+2 WHM
    Tons of AF+1/2 Upgrade Items
    Twilight Belt/Knife/Cape and BODY!
    ALL Elemental Obis!
    Rose Strap
    Snow Belt/Gorget
    BLM JSE Back/Earring/Neck!
    SAM JSE Neck
    Ace's Hands and Feet
    RDM JSE Back
    WHM JSE Earring/Back
    Storage Slips with AF Gear, All sky gear, etc.
    More shown in pic!

    Price: Buyout $550.00 Comes with 9.5M Gil!

    Payment Accepted will be WESTERN UNION ONLY. Must use MM unless willing to pay first!
    Also it would be great if you can include a aim or msn name I can talk to you on in your PM, will make it much easier for me. Thank you.

    This is the same account posted on GameMonarch while EGS was down, this has not transferred owners. I am the same seller.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.