US Multiple 90's Amanomurakumo (90)

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    Hello, I'm looking to sell a ffxi account main character Elvaan male
    sandy/basty rank 10 windy rank 2, toau, 3 mini add-ons, cop, zilart finished
    wotg 90% done, captain, all OPs teleports, goobie bags, mog sachel
    and many many other stuff completed. Relic Amanomurakumo lvl 90, etc.
    ready for server transfer, still have the package with the codes (PC).
    99% merits capped. mising a few on smn and war. lots of key items.
    fishing and woodworking 100, others cap at 60.
    very very complete account.

    edit: forgot to mention it has almost all of the atmas/abyssites, missing very few. can post a screenshot if requested.

    please let me know if need more details.

    How much would u offer for this?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.