US I Want to Sell FFXI Account With: BLM RDM WHM & BRD DRK DRG THF WAR ( 1 2)

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    I've had this account for 5 years. Transferability Available, currently on Leviathan. I had a security token and disabled it.
    Comes with 2 Characters and 3 gardening mules (around 100k worth of gardening and misc stuff on each mule)
    Both characters have ZM, CoP along with Bahamut V2 complete.
    Both characters have ToAU complete. Taru mage jobs with Balrahn's Ring. Mithra melee jobs with Ulthalam's Ring.
    Both characters have access to Dynamis Xarc.
    Taru - WoTG - Cait Sith.
    Taru - ACP - Complete. Royal redingote with M.Acc+4 M.atk+4
    Taru - Sergeant Wildcat badge 16k IS, 15k CP. Nyzle isle floor 21
    Taru - Einherjar: Roseeweisee's feather, Grimgerde's feather, Siegrune's feather. 160 ampules.
    Mithra - WoTG - The Queen of the Dance
    Mithra - ACP - Ode of the Life Bestowing (Final fight and tower climb)
    Mithra - Corporal Wildcat badge, 48k IS, 7kCP. Nyzle isle floor 45
    Mithra - no Einherjar wins. 8560 ampoules

    I never bought the newest two expansions.
    Both have almost all OP warps.
    Both have all Gate Crystals.
    I'm pretty sure both characters can warp to any zone in the past. (Not sure how many points each have, it's low, but enough to get to a couple zones on each character.)
    Both characters have red chocobos and event furniture in mog.
    Both characters have Mogsafe /80, Storage /80, Locker /60, Satchel /70. Oh, Mithra has Locker /80.
    Over 300 merits combining both character's merits.

    Female Taru: Windurst Rank 10. BLM75 14k buffer, RDM75 6k buffer, WHM75 21k buffer
    All Avatars for SMN.

    RDM afv2 4/5 minus legs
    BLM afv2 2/5 I only have legs and hands.
    WHM afv2 1/5 I only have legs. (Healer's attire claim slip - my AFv1 is in NPC storage) I retired this job but it has all spells.
    Nashira Seraweels
    Omega Ring
    Abyssal Earring
    Static Earring
    Tama's Ring
    Zenith legs and crown

    Mithra: Bastok Rank 10. BRD75 buffer 12k, DRK75 buffer 7k, DRG75 buffer 15k, THF75 buffer 21k, WAR75 buffer 12k

    THF AFv2 - 4/5 minus TH4, I have Assasin's Cape
    BRD AFv2 - 4/5 minus hat
    DRG AFv2 - 3/5 minus hands and body
    WAR AFv2 - 3/5 minus body and mask
    DRK AFv2 - 3/5 minus hat and body
    Heca 4/5 - minus legs
    Homam 4/5 - minus hands
    Ace's Helm
    Love Torque
    Trotter Boots
    Byakko's Haidate
    Denali Jacket
    Etheral Earring

    Account is worth 35 million in gear. And that's a low estimate, could be a million more. That's not adding up any item less than 40k/50k or the 100k on each character (including mules) in gil.

    FFXI Gil rate is worth around $19 - $22 dollars for every 1000k.
    35(mil) X $20 = $700
    The account with the rare/ex gear and [8] 75 jobs is worth $500 easy!

    Raven Jupon - 60k
    Noble's Tunic - 120k
    Dvt. Mitts +1 - 300k
    Mahatma Slops - 400k
    Uggalepih Pendant - 500k
    Enfeebling Torque - 900k
    Elemental Torque - 280k
    Witch Sash - 2,500k
    Prism Cape - 500k
    Enfeebling Earring - 1,900k
    Wizard's Earring - 50k
    Blessed Mitts - 40k
    Blessed Briault - 70k
    Genie Weskit - 2,400k
    Demon Helm +1 - 150k
    Sorcerer's Ring - 1,800k
    Gigant Mantle - 850k
    Wyvern Earring - 600k
    Cassie Earring - 500k
    Conte Cosciales - 700k
    Triumph earring - 800k
    Triumph Ring - 900k
    Thunder Ring - 630k
    Fire Bomblet - 1,000k
    Dragon Harness - 50k
    War Gloves +1 - 90k
    Dragon Subligar - 40k
    Mercurial Kris - 3,600k
    Terra's Staff - 550k
    Terra's Staff - 550k
    Apollo's Staff - 550k
    Vulcan's Staff - 500k
    Aquilo's Staff - 350k
    Auster's Staff - 550k
    Jupiter's Staff - 550k
    Neptune's Staff - 500k
    Pluto's Staff - 600k
    Mary's Horn - 100k
    Sha'ir Manteel - 4,000k
    Dusk Gloves - 100k
    Wind Torque - 200k
    Nereid Ring - 100k
    Death +1 - 1,700k
    Hauberk - 60k
    Thalassocrat - 300k
    Skystrider - 450k
    Barone Corazza - 860k
    Alkyoneus Brc. - 720k

    Total: 35,020k

    i Wait Good Bids
    Contact Method : PM
    i Wait for Serious and Really Intersted Buyers

    All the Best,
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