US Hume Male - 18x75+ , 12x90 , 5x80+ , 1x78 Twashtar, Black Belt, Lots of AF3+2

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    Gil on hand?: 8.8M
    Conquest Points?: 640,000
    Rank in Cities?: 10 Bastok, 10 Windurst, 1 Sandy
    Dynamis Status?: All clears except Tav (have Tav access though, obv.)

    Account Details -
    Hume Male
    Transfer available
    Has 8.8M gil
    640k Conquest Points
    Linked to SE ID (token can be detached)

    Missions -
    Bastok Rank 10
    Windurst Rank 10
    Sandy Rank 1
    Zilart - The Sealed Shrine
    CoP - Dawn
    ToAU - Eternal Mercenary
    WotG - Cait Sith
    ACP - Those Who Lurk in Shadows (III)
    AMK - Drenched! It began with a Raindrop
    ASA - A Shantotto Ascension (Fin)
    Nyzul Isle - Floor 100 Completed
    Abyssea - All 3 Expansions

    Jobs -
    WAR90 MNK90
    WHM90 BLM90
    RDM90 THF90
    PLD90 DRK90
    BST86 BRD89
    RNG88 SAM87
    NIN90 DRG84
    SMN90 BLU90
    COR32 PUP23
    DNC90 SCH78

    AF3+2's - 31 pieces total
    THF - 5/5
    DNC - 5/5
    MNK - Body, Legs, Feet, Hands
    WAR - Body, Legs, Feet, Head
    WHM - Body
    BLM - Body, Hands, Legs
    RDM - Legs, Feet
    SAM - Legs
    NIN - Hands, Feet, Legs
    BLU - Body, Head, Legs

    AF3+1's - 27 pieces total
    MNK - Head
    WAR - Hands
    WHM - Legs, Feet, Hands, Head
    BLM - Head, Feet
    RDM - Head, Body, Hands
    SAM - Hands, Head, Feet
    NIN - Head
    BLU - Hands, Feet
    PLD - Head, Hands, Legs, Feet
    BST - Head
    SMN - Head, Body, Hands, Legs, Feet

    AF3 Accessories - 29 pieces total
    Creed Earring
    Raider's Earring
    Savant's Earring
    Charis Earring
    Ravager's Earring
    Unkai Mimikazari
    Caller's Earring
    Mavi Earring
    Sylvan Scarf
    Orison Earring
    Ravager's Gorget
    Ravager's Orb
    Tantra Tathlum
    Orison Locket
    Orison Cape
    Goetia Mantle
    Goetia Chain
    Estoqueur's Collar
    Estoqueur's Cape
    Raider's Boomerang
    Creed Collar
    Creed Baudrier
    Ferine Necklace
    Unkai Nodowa
    Iga Erimaki
    Iga Dochugappa
    Caller's Pendant
    Caller's Sash
    Mavi Tathlum

    AF3+2 items in Mog House-
    Balance Card x1
    Voyage Coin x3
    Vision Card x2
    Vision Jewel x3
    Ardor Jewel x2
    Wieldance Stone x3
    Balance Stone x12
    Ardor Stone x27
    Balance Jewel x13
    Balance Coin x2
    Ardor Card x4
    Voyage Stone x4
    Wieldance Card x1
    Vision Stone x11
    Ardor Coin x5
    Wieldance Jewel x5
    Voyage Card x1
    Vision Coin x1

    Weapons -
    Twashtar lv.85 (31/75 Orthros Claws for lv.90)
    Kila +2 (lv.90 AGI+9 Eva +20 dagger)
    Mozu (on Trial 1509 and ready to turn in Briareus Helms for Kannagi upon getting)
    Twilight Knife
    Octave Club
    Soboro Sukehiro
    Mercurial Sword
    Vali's Bow
    Siege Bow
    Chimeric Fleuret
    Triplus Dagger
    Taurine Cesti
    All HQ Staves
    Quint Spear

    Head -
    Aias Bonnet
    Duelist's Chapeau
    Hecatomb Cap
    Twilight Helm
    Noesis Helm
    Optical Hat
    Could obtain Maat's Cap by completing a few Shattering Stars quests
    Varangian Helm
    Walahra Turban
    Nashira Turban
    Hero's Galea
    Genbu's Kabuto

    Body -
    Grim Cuirass
    Twilight Cloak
    Haubergeon +1
    Homam Corazza
    Taranis's Harness
    Loki's Kaftan
    Yinyang Robe
    Rapparee Harness
    Scorpion Harness
    Darksteel Harness

    Hands -
    Assassin's Armlets
    Heafoc Mitts
    Eradico Mitts
    Serpentes Cuffs
    Ochimusha Kote
    Vicious Mufflers
    Augur Gloves

    Legs -
    Teutates Subligar
    Inmicus Cuisses

    Feet -
    Askar Gambieras
    Sarutobi Kyahan
    Tandava Crackowes
    Trotter Boots

    Waist -
    Aqua Belt
    Black Belt
    Bullwhip Belt
    Diabolos' Rope
    Goading Belt
    Hierarch Belt
    Impulse Belt
    Light Belt
    Searing Sash
    Siegel Sash
    Snow Belt
    Soil Belt
    Swift Belt
    Thunder Belt
    Twilight Belt
    Velocious Belt
    Warwolf Belt
    Witch Sash

    Neck -
    Agasaya's Collar
    Chivalrous Chain
    Enfeebling Torque
    Fisher's Torque
    Light Gorget
    Magoraga Beads
    Morgana's Choker
    Parade Gorget
    Peacock Amulet
    Snow Gorget
    Soil Gorget
    Torero Torque
    Twilight Torque

    Back -
    Atheling Mantle
    Belenos Mantle
    Boxer's Mantle
    Libeccio Mantle
    Metallon Mantle
    Amemet Mantle +1
    Nexus Cape
    Searing Cape
    Twilight Cape

    Earring -
    Astral Earring
    Brutal Earring
    Centaurus Earring
    Choreia Earring
    Duchy Earring
    Empire Earring
    Federation Earring
    Gifted Earring
    Graiai Earring
    Hecate's Earring
    Hirudinea Earring
    Kemas Earring
    Loquacious Earring
    Moldavite Earring
    Nashmau Earring
    Rabao Earring
    Pixie Earring

    Ring -
    Airy Ring
    Albatross Ring
    Bifrost Ring
    Bomb Queen Ring
    Ecphoria Ring
    Epona's Ring
    Ether Ring
    Evoker's Ring
    Heed Ring
    Hercules' Ring
    Jaeger Ring
    Jelly Ring
    Keen Ring
    Meridian Ring
    Odium Ring
    Novennial Ring (10/10 Charges)
    Pelican Ring
    Penguin Ring
    Rajas Ring
    Sorcerer's Ring
    Spiral Ring
    Tavnazian Ring

    Misc -
    **Ebisu Fishing Rod**
    Bugard Strap +1
    Genbu's Shield
    Koenig Shield
    Pole Grip
    Seigneur Shield
    Uther's Grip
    Ungur Boomerang
    Bibiki Seashell
    Breeze Sachet
    Clarus Stone
    Light Sachet
    Shadow Sachet
    Thew Bomblet
    Gem of the North
    H.Q. Black Tiger Hide
    Gem of the West
    Various fishing lures/baits
    Custom Gilet +1
    Republic Stable Medal
    Federation Stable Medal
    Various abjurations
    A handful of +1 seals for different jobs
    Vadleany Fluid
    Minaruja Skull
    H.Q. Wivre hide
    Iron Plate x1
    2-leaf Chloris Bud x1
    Carabosse Gem x1
    Cirein Croin Lantern x1
    Various sea monster organs (for gorgets)
    Toolbag of Shihei x12

    Crafting -
    Fishing - 100
    Woodworking - 3
    Smithing - 10
    Goldsmithing - 2
    Clothcraft - 0
    Leathercraft - 0
    Bonecraft - 0
    Alchemy - 63
    Cooking - 56
    Synergy - 0

    Merits -
    HP - 4
    MP - 8
    STR - 8
    Hand-to-hand - 8/8
    Dagger - 8/8
    Great Axe - 8/8
    Evasion - 4/4
    Enfeebling Magic - 8/8
    Elemental Magic - 8/8
    Blue Magic - 8/8
    Crit Hit Rate - 5/5
    Spell Interruption Rate - 5/5

    WAR -
    Berserk Recast - 5/5
    Double Attack Rate - 5/5
    Warrior's Charge - 5/5
    Savagery - 5/5

    MNK -
    Counter Rate - 5/5
    Kick Attack Rate - 5/5
    Formless Strikes - 1/5
    Invigorate - 4/5
    Penance - 5/5

    WHM -
    Cure Cast Time - 5/5
    Bar Spell Effect - 2/5
    Banish Effect - 3/5
    Devotion - 4/5
    Protectra V - 1/5
    Shellra V - 5/5

    BLM -
    Ice Magic Potency - 5/5
    Lightning Magic Potency - 5/5
    Freeze II - 5/5
    Burst II - 5/5

    RDM -
    Ice Magic Accuracy - 5/5
    Wind Magic Accuracy - 5/5
    Paralyze II - 5/5
    Phalanx II - 5/5

    THF -
    Sneak Attack Recast - 4/5
    Trick Attack Recast - 1/5
    Assassin's Charge - 4/5
    Feint - 4/5
    Aura Steal - 1/5
    Ambush - 1/5

    PLD -
    Sentinel Recast - 5/5
    Rampart Recast - 5/5
    Chivalry - 4/5
    Iron Will - 1/5
    Guardian - 5/5

    BST -
    Killer Effects - 2/5
    Reward Recast - 2/5
    Call Beast Recast - 5/5
    Sic Recast - 1/5
    Feral Howl - 1/5
    Beast Affinity - 5/5
    Beast Healer - 4/5

    BRD -
    Lullaby Recast - 5/5
    Minuet Recast - 5/5
    Nightingale - 5/5
    Troubadour - 5/5

    RNG -
    Rapid Shot Rate - 1/5
    Snapshot - 3/5

    SAM -
    Store TP Effect - 5/5
    Meditate Recast - 5/5
    Shikikoyo - 2/5
    Blade Bash - 1/5
    Ikishoten - 2/5
    Overwhelm - 5/5

    NIN -
    Subtle Blow Effect - 5/5
    Huton Effect - 5/5
    Ninja Tool Expertise - 5/5
    Huton: San - 5/5

    SMN -
    Avatar Phsyical Accuracy - 5/5
    Avatar Physical Attack - 5/5
    Heavenly Strike - 5/5
    Wind Blade - 5/5

    BLU -
    Monster Correlation - 2/5
    Physical Potency - 5/5
    Magical Accuracy - 3/5
    Convergence - 4/5
    Diffusion - 1/5
    Assimilation - 5/5

    DNC -
    Step Accuracy - 1/5
    Reverse Flourish Effect - 5/5
    Building Flourish Effect - 4/5
    Fan Dance - 2/5
    No Foot Rise - 3/5
    Closed Position - 5/5

    Abyssites -
    Ivory, Scarlet, Jade, Sapphire, Indigo, Emerald of Sojourn
    Azure, Crimson, Ivory of Celerity
    Viridian, ivory of Avarice
    Crimson of Confluence
    Jade of Expertise
    Ivory, Emerald of Fortune
    Ivory, Vermillion of Kismet
    Ivory of Prosperity
    Viridian, Crimson, Ivory of Destiny
    Ivory, Crimson, Emerald of Acumen
    Scarlet, Azure, Sapphire of Lenity
    Ivory, Vermillion of Perspicacity
    Azure, Indigo, Ivory of the Reaper
    Ivory, Vermillion of Guerdon
    Sapphire, Ivory of Furtherance
    Jade, Sapphire, Ivory, indigo of Merit
    Lunar Abyssite x3

    Atmas -
    Luminous Wings
    Alpha and Omega
    Dragon Rider
    Beast King
    Full Moon
    Fires and Flares
    Fallen One
    Aquatic Ardor
    Horned Beast
    Entwined Serpents
    Sundering Slash
    Endless Nightmare
    Foe Flayer
    Hateful Stream
    Sea Daughter
    Winged Gloom
    Solitary One
    Persistent Predator
    Blighted Breath
    Crushing Cudgel
    Lake Lurker
    Holy Mountain
    Frozen Fetters
    War Lion
    Sand Emperor
    Raised Tail
    Scarlet Wing
    Scrimson Scale
    Lone Wolf
    Smiting Blow
    Scorpion Queen
    Ascending One
    Earth Wyrm
    Brother Wolf
    Merciless Matriarch
    Demonic Lash
    Blinding Horn
    Would-be King
    Minikin Monstrosity
    Winged Enigma
    Bludgeoning Brute
    Razed Ruins
    Mounted Champion
    Deep Devourer
    Strangling Wind
    Gnarled Horn
    Demonic Skewer
    Impregnable Tower
    Desert Worm
    Clawed Butterfly
    Siren Shadow
    Thrashing Tendrils
    Noxious Fang
    Cloak and Dagger
    Voracious Violet
    Savage Tiger
    Ebon Hoof
    Stout Arm

    Abyssea Key Items -
    Fragrant Tree Petal
    Fetid Rafflesia Stalk
    Decaying Morbol Tooth
    Turbid Slime Oil
    Venomous Peiste Claw
    Cracked Wivre Horn
    Mucis Ahriman Eyeball
    Sodden Sandworm Husk
    Luxuriant Manticore Mane
    Sticky Gnat Wing
    Overgrown Mandragora Flower
    Blood-smeared Gigas Helm
    Glittering Pixie Choker
    Bulbous Crawler Cocoon
    Mucid Worm Segment
    Cracked Skeleton Clavicle
    Jagged Apkallu Beak
    Clipped Bird Wing
    Glistening Orobon Liver
    Doffed Poroggo Hat
    Scalding Ironclad Spike
    Blazing Cluster Soul
    Glossy Seamonk Sucker
    Shimmering Pugil Scale
    Broken Iron Giant Spike
    Bloodied Dragon Ear
    Resplendent Roc Quill
    Warped Iron Giant Nail
    Dented Chariot Shield
    Begrimed Dragon Hide
    Warped Chariot Plate
    Venomous Hydra Fang

    Seals on NPC in Port Jeuno -
    639 Beastmen Seals
    99 Kindred Seals
    803 Kindred Crests
    336 High Kindred Crest

    i Wait Bids , at moment no Buyout Price .
    PM for Details .
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