US FS: 2 x 75, 100 + 10 Leathercraft account ( 1 2)

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    200k ish in gil, plenty of craftables worth some gil though
    Server Transfer available

    75 RNG
    75 PLD

    100 + 10 Leathercraft (100 skill +3 adv. support, + 1 apron, + 1 gloves, +5 Synergy Stall)
    60 Clothcraft
    52 Smithing
    47 Goldsmithing

    Has some AF and relic gear, does not have any mini expansions at all.

    I have only ever used this account for making gil, before the last update it churned out cerb mantles +1 and made me plenty of Gil. Now with the new stall it puts me T1 on Dusk Gloves +1 which i can easily sell for 3 million. Included is a stack of behemoth leather for you to start on.

    Missions etc are in the pic but to be honest this is a great moneymaking mule account!

    Open to reasonable offers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.