US For sale: 80x5 sam mnk blu drg drk

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    male(model with long, black hair).

    Transfer is up

    80 SAM DRG BLU MNK DRK, 75 WAR, 70 PLD

    40 NIN THF

    CoP: completed with Rajas Ring,
    RoZ: completed with Bushinomimi, Ethereal Earring
    ToAU: 22, with Nyzul Isle 100 (22,000 tokens) and First Lieutenant rank
    WotG: Cait Sith
    ACP: on last fight
    MKE: X
    ASA: X

    This character has a security token linked and disable with 80 mog satchel, 80 mog house, 80 storage, and 80 mog locker.

    Roughly 1m in sellables.

    Askar zucchetto
    Askar dirs
    Homam zucchetto
    Homam corazza
    Homam manopolas
    Homam cosciales
    Aurum sabatons
    Usukane sune-ate
    Ares's flanchard
    Swift belt
    Brutal earring
    Charger mantle
    Loqacious Earring
    Byakko's haidate
    Suzaku's sune-ate
    Walahra Turban
    Mirage Jubbah
    Mirage Bazubands
    Snow gorget
    Soboro Sukehiro
    Keitonotachi: DMG+13 Store TP+5
    Shura togi
    Shura zunari-kabuto
    Shura haidate
    Destroyers: broken
    Faith baghnakhs
    Perdu voulge
    Perdu sickle
    Temple gaiters +1
    4/5 SAM AF+1 - missing feet
    Fortitude Axe
    Sentinel Shield
    Saurian helm
    Assault Jerkin
    Hecatomb mitts
    Intruder earring
    Jelly Ring
    Bomb Queen Ring

    Many other great pieces of gear for jobs leveled, including 75,000 Cruor for abyssea, with all 3 maps, numerous abyssea pop items, 25,000 conquest points, 10,000 imperial standing, tons of assault points (~25k), 2/3 pieces for Black Belt (missing Adamantoise egg), and a full Heat Breath build for DRG.

    Salvage: 25/15 ares mask, 25/15 Usu head, 35/25 ares body, 25 usu body, 25 ares hands, 25/15 usu hands, 25/15 ares feet.

    Looking for $200. Thanks for looking.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.