US Elvaan Male 75COR/SAM w/ extras ( 1 2)

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    I've had this account since '05 and I've used FFXI as a sort of break game for WoW. I stopped really playing around the time that WotG came out. I really only got on after that to chat with friends and such.

    Has RoZ, CoP, ToAU, and WoTG and none of the mini expansions.

    It also has a Collectors Edition of FFXIV attached to the account.

    Rank 10 Bastok

    60 bag spaces, also have Mog Satchel

    Has about 1.2 million in gil and a bit more in sellables.

    I have COR and SAM at 75, and BLU at 70.

    THF/WHM/NIN/WAR/RNG are all at 37, DNC is nearby at 32. I have 4 other jobs above 20 as well.

    Has full AF for COR, BLU, and SAM... Has the relic gloves and pants for COR.

    Notable items (sorry if any of these are no longer considered good, I haven't played in a very long time):

    2x Astral Ring
    Soboro Sukehiro
    Walahra Turban
    Empress Hairpin

    I've saved up a bunch of other decent stuff for lower levels like Woodsman Ring, Mycophile Cuffs, various elemental staves, Happy Egg, some RSE, etc.

    WHM has most if not all of the skills up to 37 not including teleports.

    NIN has Utsusemi Ichi but not Ni

    BLU has most if not all spells up to level 70 (at least the ones that were implemented a couple years ago, they may have added more later) including Disseverment from Sea.

    No real crafting to speak of, just Goldsmithing to 10.

    Buyer pays MM fee.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.