US DD/Mage Duo Accounts Twashtar(85), Ebisu's Rod 95 DNC/THF/NIN 5+90

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    Original Owner: Yes
    Reg. codes: No
    OO Info: Yes
    Server transfer: Available
    SE Q&A: Yes

    Race: Female Hume
    Current rank: Windurst 1, Sandy 1, Bastok 8
    Zilart: The Celestial Nexus
    CoP: Dawn
    ToAU: Eternal Mercenary
    WoTG: Lest We Forget
    A Crystalline Prophecy: Fin.
    A Moogle Kupo d?Etat: Fin.
    A Shantotto Ascension: That Which Curdles Blood

    Combat skills:
    Hand-to-hand 361, Sword 316, Axe 293, 273, Club 265, Archery 25, Throwing 273,
    Shield 40, Great sword 278, Great axe 297, Polearm 241, Staff 316, Parrying 313, Dagger
    410, Marksmanship 288, Great katana 339, Katana 410, Guard 64

    Magic skills:
    Ninjutsu 396

    Crafting: Fishing 100, Woodworking 74, Smithing 14, Alchemy 37, Cooking 1, Synergy 5

    HP/MP Merits: HP 12/12
    Attributes: DEX 8/8
    Combat skills: Dagger 8/8, Katana 8/8, Evasion 4/4, Parry 4/4, Staff 6/8
    Magic skills: Ninjutsu 8/8, Enhancing, 8/8, Healing 3/8, Enfeebling 1/8
    Others: Critical hit rate 5/5, Spell interruption rate 5/5
    Warrior: 9/10 10/10
    Monk: 10/10 10/10
    Red mage: 5/10 0/10
    Thief; 10/10 10/10
    Beastmaster: 10/10 10/10
    Samurai: 10/10 10/10
    Ninja: 10/10 10/10
    Corsair: 10/10 10/10
    Dancer: 10/10 10/10

    Lvl 75+ Jobs:
    Warrior 91, Red mage 78, Beastmaster 94, Ninja 95, Corsair 91, Monk 90, Thief 90, Samurai 91, Dancer 95

    Empyrean +2 armor/weapons:
    Twashtar 85
    Charis tiara +2
    Charis casaque +2
    Charis bangles +2
    Charis tights +2
    Charis toechoes +2
    Raider?s bonnet +2
    Raider?s vest +2
    Raider?s armlets +2
    Raider?s culottes +2
    Raider?s poulaines +2
    Iga zukin +2
    Iga ningi +2
    Iga tekko +2
    Iga hakama +2
    Iga kyahan +2
    Ravager?s cuisses +2
    Ravager?s calligae +2
    Unkai haidate +2
    Bedlam +2 (Wildfire)
    Revenant fists +2 (Victory Smite)
    Daka +2 (Rudra?s Storm)
    Tobi +2 (Blade: Hi)
    Evasion Kila +2 x2
    Fusetto +2 (TP Bonus +100)
    Parazonium +2 (Occ. Atk. 2-4 times)

    Artifact gear:
    Dancer: 5/5
    Samurai 5/5
    Thief 5/5
    Monk 5/5
    Corsair 5/5
    Ninja 5/5
    Beastmaster 5/5
    Red mage 5/5
    Warrior 5/5

    Relic gear:
    Assassin?s poulaines
    Assassin?s armlets
    Warrior?s lorica
    Warrior?s mufflers
    Melee crown
    Melee gloves
    Melee gaiters
    Cleric?s mitts
    Assassin?s cape
    Valor cape
    Scout?s beret
    Saotome domaru
    Saotome Kote
    Koga hakama
    Koga sarashi
    Koga tekko
    Wyrm finger gauntlets
    Mirage mantle
    Commodore tricorne
    Commodore belt
    Paintin cape
    Etoile cape
    Etoile casaque
    Etoile tights

    Empyrean accessories, NQ armor:
    Raider?s boomerang
    Charis necklace
    Charis feather
    Tantra cyclas
    Raider?s vest
    Creed baudrier
    Ferine necklace
    Aoidos? cothurnes
    Unkai sune-ate
    Unkai nodowa
    Iga dochugappa
    Iga erimaki
    Lancer?s schynbalds
    Caller?s pigaches
    Mavi basmak
    Mavi Tathlum
    Navarch?s tricorne
    Navarch?s choker
    Navarch?s mantle
    Sylvan Bottillons

    Empyrean +1:
    Tantra crown +1
    Tantra gloves +1
    Tantra hose +1
    Tantra gaiters +1
    Ferine cabasset +1
    Ferine quijotes +1
    Navarch?s frac +1
    Navarch?s culottes +1
    Navarch?s bottes +1
    Unkai Kote +1

    Notable gear/weapons:
    Ebisu?s Fishing Rod
    Heron ring
    Puffin ring
    Noddy ring
    Fisher?s torque
    All Fishing skill +1 AH gear.

    Mekira meikogai
    Twilight helm
    Twilight mail
    Twilight knife
    Twilight torque
    Twilight cape
    Guichard?s Axe x2 (Pet PDT)
    Glyph Axe
    Mantis Eye
    Pan?s Horn
    Goliard Saio
    Oynos Knife
    Thunder sachet
    Zelus tiara
    Genbu?s kabuto
    Ace?s leggings
    Breeze belt
    Excelsis ring
    Vermeil bhuj
    Ogre gloves
    Bullwhip belt
    Soboro sukehiro
    Soil Sachet
    Ganesha?s mask
    Brisk mask
    Mirke Wardecors (Evasion 10, Dual Wield +3)
    Kirin?s Osode
    Schutzen mittens
    Brown belt (quest complete)
    Denali gamashes
    Dornen schuhs
    Searing cape
    Novennial ring (10/10 charges)
    Thief?s knife
    Rounsey wand
    Fourth staff
    Loki?s kaftan
    Ocelot gloves
    Slither gloves
    Tandava crackows
    Magoraga beads
    Torero torque
    Agasaya?s collar
    Soil gorget
    Soil belt
    Goading belt
    Atheling mantle
    Boxer?s mantle
    Nexus cape
    Moonshade earring (Attack +4, TP Bonus +25)
    Brutal earring
    Pyrosoul ring
    Stromsoul ring
    Epona?s ring
    Ragas ring
    Dark ring (Magic dmg. taken -3%, Phys. Dmg. taken -5%, Breath dmg. taken -3%)
    Dark ring (Magic dmg. taken -3%, Phys. Dmg. taken -6%, Breath dmg. taken -3%)

    Abyssea related:
    Crour: 116225
    Stones: 376
    Atma of the: Apocalypse, Entwined serpents, Sundering slash, Sea daughter, Solitary one, Despot, Sun eater, Stone god, Persistent predator, Blighted breath, Crushing cudgel, Shrieking one, Plaguebringer, War lion, Omnipotent, Raised tail, Scarlet wing, Crimson scale, Lone wolf, Smiting blow, Thousand needles, Ascending one, Earth wyrm, Brother wolf, merciless matriarch, Avaricious ape, Murky miasma, Shimmering shell, Apparitions, Demonic lash, Blinding horn, Would-be king, Minikin monstrosity, Tusked terror, Sanguine, Untouched, Cradle, Winged enigma, Rapid reptilian, Bludgeoning brute, Razed ruins, Mounted Champion, Deep devourer, Strangling wind, Gnarled horn, Noxious bloom, Lightning beast, Glutinous Ooze, Golden claw, Smoldering sky, Impregnable tower, Desert worm, Clawed butterfly, Baleful bones, Claw, Calamity, Adamantine, Impaler, Siren shadow, Cosmos, Dunes, Stronghold, Drifter, Thrashing tendrils, Gales, Stormbreath, Noxious fang, Stormbird, Cload and Dagger, Voracious violet, Savage tiger, Tremors, Ebon hoof, Baying moon, Heavens, Eternity, Allure, Twin claw, Stout arm, Lion.
    Fabricated Atma: Future fabulous, Truthseeker, Echoes, Dread, Ultimate, Ace angler, Griffon?s claw, Royal lineage, Shattering star, Cobra commander, Roaring laughter
    All abyssites
    All abyssea quests finished.

    Voidwatch related:
    Crimson stratum abyssite IV
    Indigo stratum abyssite IV
    Jade stratum abyssite IV
    White stratum abyssite III
    Ashen stratum abyssite
    Atmacite of: Unity, Deluges, Coercion, Discipline, Temperance, Destruction, Exhortation, Incursion, Onslaught Eminence, Persistence, Devotion.
    Vivid periapt of readiness
    Dusky periapt of readiness
    Vivid periapt of: concord, exploration, frontiers, concentration focus, intensity
    Periapt of: Percipience, guidance, emergence x2,
    Capable of holding four Voidstones.

    All Dynamis areas except Tavnazian Safehold.
    Access to all ?End Game? areas.
    853 Kindred Crests
    220 High Kindred Crests
    20 Beastmen seals
    577 Kindres Seals
    All red procs in Abyssea, most blue.


    Ultimage duo mage account! Cooking at 94 with most materials to take you to 100!

    Original Owner: Yes
    Reg. codes: Yes
    OO Info: Yes
    Server transfer: Available
    SE Q&A: Yes

    Race: Female Hume
    Current rank: Windurst 6, Sandy 1, Bastok 1
    Zilart: Ark Angels
    CoP: Dawn
    ToAU: Eternal Mercenary
    WoTG: Lest We Forget
    A Crystalline Prophecy: Fin.
    A Moogle Kupo d?Etat: Fin.
    A Shantotto Ascension: That Which Curdles Blood

    Fishing: 26
    Cooking: 94
    Synergy: 1

    Refresh set
    Wivre hairpin
    WHM/RDM +2 EMP Body (2 tic refresh)
    BLM +1 EMP Body (1 tic refresh)
    SMN +2 head (2 tic refresh)
    Serpentes cuffs
    Serpentes sabots
    Moonshade earring (1 tic refresh, Mag. Acc. +4)
    Stearc subligar

    Notable Sellables:
    Roundel earring
    All Elemental HQ Staves
    Fylgja torque
    Cure clogs
    Elemental torque
    Grim cuirass

    Caller gear
    Caller?s Horn +2
    Caller?s Doublet +1
    Caller?s Bracers +1
    Caller feet seal x2
    Caller leg seal x5
    Goetia gear
    Goetia Petasos +2
    Goetia coat +1
    Goetia chausses +2
    Goetia Sabots +1
    Goetia hand seal x6
    Goetia mantle
    Aoidos? gear
    Aoidos? Calot +2
    Aoidos? hongreline +2
    Aoidos? manchettes +2
    Aoidos? ringrave +1
    Aoidos? cothurnes +1
    Aoidos? mantinee
    Aoidos? earring
    Estoqueur gear
    Estoqueur?s chapel +1
    Estoqueur?s sayon +2
    Estoqueur?s gantherots +1
    Estoqueur?s fuseau +2
    Estoqueur?s houseaux +2
    Estoqueur?s collar
    Estoqueur?s cape
    Orison gear
    Orison cap +2
    Orison bliaud +2
    Orison mitts +2
    Orison pantaloons +1
    Orison duckbills +2
    Orison locket
    Orison cape
    Orison Earring
    Emp. Feet
    Ravager?s calligae
    Tantra gaiters
    Raider?s poulaines
    Caller?s pigaches
    Mavi basmak
    Other notable gear/items
    Twilight Knife
    Guichard?s Axe x2
    Sceamol Band
    Anwig Salade
    Noble?s Tunic
    Duelist?s Tights
    Duelist?s Belt
    Atheling Mantle
    Tiresias? cape
    Ixion cape
    Killer shortbow
    Snow Sachet
    Pan?s horn
    Crooner?s Cithara
    Grim Cuirass
    Mirke Wardecors
    Eradico mitts
    Sha?ir gages
    Duelist?s chapeau
    Wivre hairpin (refresh)
    Sha?ir mantel
    Serpentes Cuffs
    Serpentes sabots
    Cure clogs
    Twilight torque
    Fylgja torque
    Twilight belt
    Emphatikos rope
    Searing sash
    Twilight cape
    Mesmeric cape
    Moonshade Earring (refresh, magic acc 4)
    Hecate?s earring
    Loquacious earring
    Roundel earring
    Moldavite earring
    Dark ring x2 (Phys. Dmg. Taken -5%/Magic dmg. taken -5%) (Phys. Dmg. taken -5%/Magic dmg. taken -6%/Breath dmg. taken -4%)
    Surya?s staff +3 (Cure potency 23%)
    Varuna?s staff +2 (Affinity: Magic accuracy +1/magic damage +5/casting time -12%)
    Vulcan?s staff
    Aquilo?s staff
    Auster?s staff
    Terra?s staff
    Jupiter?s staff
    Neptune?s staff
    Apollo?s staff
    Bugard strap +1
    Genbu?s shield
    Magoraga beads
    Creed baudrier
    Searing cape
    Excelsis ring
    Prouesse ring
    Novennial ring (7/10 charges)
    Kupofried?s ring (8/11 charges)
    Zoraal Ja?s Axe
    Vermeil Bhuj
    Relic horn
    Relic shield
    Bison Warbonnet
    Nashira Manteel
    Ogre gloves
    Ferine Necklace
    Ferine mantle
    Mavi Tathlum
    Charis Feather
    Summoner?s Spats
    Balrahn?s ring
    Ravager head sealsx5
    Savant?s head seal x8
    Ravager body seal x2
    Mavi boxy seal x8
    Savant body seal x3
    Raider?s hand seal x8
    Ferine leg seal x2
    Mavi leg seal x5
    Savant leg seal x4
    Ravager feet seal x1
    Ferine feet seal x1
    Mavi feet seal x8
    Savant feet seal x1
    Vision stone x13
    Vision Jewel x3
    Vision card x20
    Ardor coin x4
    Wieldance stone x4
    Wieldance jewelx1
    Wieldance card x4
    Balance stone x9
    Balance coinx1
    Voyage stone x2
    Voyage coin x1
    Voyage card x1
    Chef?s hat
    Augur?s Jaseran
    Igqira weskit
    Novennial dress
    Novennial boots
    Coin of birth x2
    Coin of glory x4
    Coin of decay x4

    Mage spells:
    White mage: I have all important spells. Missing spells: Boost-STR, Protect 3/4, Raise 3, Recall-Pashh, Protectra 3/4, Shell 3/4, Shellra 1-4,
    Black mage: All spell from 1-90. Still don?t have spell 91-95.

    Abyssea related:
    Traverser stones: 195 (as of 11/18/11)
    All BLM/RDM/WHM procs.

    Atma of the?
    Ultimate, Apocalypse, Entwined, Sundering Slash, Solitary One, Despot, Sun Eater, Stone God, Persistant Predator, Blighted Breath, Purgatory, Crushing Cudgel, Shrieking One, Plague Bringer, War Lion, Raised Tail, Scarlet Wing, Lone Wolf, Smiting Blow, Thousand Needles, Ascending One, Merciless Matriarch, Avaricious Ape, Murky Miasma, Shimmering Shell, Apparitions, Demonic Lash, Blinding Horn, Would-Be King, Minikin Monstrosity, Tusked Terror, Untouched, Cradle, Winged Enigma, Razed Ruins, Mounted Champion, Deep Devourer, Gnarled Horn, Noxious Bloom, Lightning Beast, Golden Claw, Smoldering Sky, Impregnable Tower, Desert Worm, Clawed Butterfly, Baleful Bones, Claw, Calamity, Adamantine, Impaler, Cosmos, Dunes, Stronghold, Gales, Stormbreath, Beyond, Noxious Fang, Stormbird, Voracious Violet, Savage Tiger, Tremors, Baying Moon, Heavens, Eternity, Allure, Twin Claw, Stout Arm, Lion
    Lunar Abyssite x3, Abyssite of discernment, Abyssite of the cosmos
    Merit abyssite: Azure, Viridian, Jade, Sapphire, Ivory, Indigo
    Furtherance abyssite: Sapphire, Ivory
    Guerdon abyssite: Vermillion, Ivory
    Reaper abyssite: Ivory, Indigo
    Perspicacity abyssite: Scarlet, Ivory, Verm.
    Lenity abyssite: Sapphire, Azure, Scarlet
    Acumen abyssite: Emerald, Crimson, Ivory
    Destiny abyssite: Ivory, Crimson, Viridian
    Ivory abyssite of prosperity
    Kismet abyssite: Ivory, Vermillion
    Fortune abyssite: Emerald, Sapphire, Ivory
    Expertise abyssite: Jade, Ivory
    Confluence abyssite: Crimson, Ivory
    Avarice abyssite:Viridian, Ivory
    Celerity abyssite: Azure, Crimson, Ivory
    Sojourn abyssite: Ivory, scarlet, Jade, Indigo, Emerald

    Voidwatch related Key Items:
    Voidstone x4
    Crimson stratum abyssite IV, Indigo stratum abyssite IV, Jade stratum abyssite, Ashen stratum abyssite.
    Atmacite of: Finesse, Exhortation, Incursion, Onslaught, Eminence, Persistence, Devotion
    Vivid periapt of: adaptability, readiness, intensity, frontiers, exploration.
    Dusky periapt of readiness.
    Periapt of: percipience, guidance, emergence x2

    16 Kindred Seals
    248 High Kindred Crests
    371 Kindred Crests
    19 Beastmen Seals
    Access to all Dynamis areas but Tavnazian Safehold
    Access to Sky and Sea.
    About 5-7mil worth in AHable gear.
    All BLM and WHM yellow procs.
    WHM has Hexa Strike, and all staff/club blue procs.

    I'm willing to sell accounts separate, or together. Both accounts are on the same SE ID.
    If you're interested, please send me a PM and we can work out a deal. I prefer to do WU, but will consider paypal.
    Although I would like to sell this game as soon as possible, I still play it. If I obtain anything worth mentioning, I'll either update this page or tell whoever is interested in these accounts.
    Of course, if you would like any additional information, including screenshots of whatever you want, please let me know and I'll get it as soon as I can.

    I'll set the starting bids for both accounts at $1200.
    Starting bid for Ebisu's account at $900, and $300 for the mage account.
    I'm hoping to sell these ASAP!
    Also, I'm looking into using the Middleman Service.
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