Trade Master with 47billion in isk/plex

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    Not quite sure what sort of character you want to buy? Do you want a huge chunk of ISK to fund your EVE lifestyle, without going through numerous risky isk purchases? Do you want to be set for years with a single, quick, easy purchase?
    Then this account is for you

    With assets totalling 47 Billion isk, the possibilities are endless. 20 Billion in straight ISK, and 27 billion worth of PLEX can get you far in EVE. What could you do with this? Well, here's a few things:

    - Want to be able to bank your trading with a near perfect trading character? This has you covered. Get this fortune working for you and you could build it to even greater heights.
    - Buy pretty much any character you might find on the EVE Character Bazaar. Always wanted one of those shiny 100+ million SP characters? Now you can.
    - Want a big wallet while also having enough PLEX to keep your accounts running in sub-time? There's enough plex on here to run an account, sub free, for 4 years and 8 months.
    - Fund your PVP habits for a long time.
    - Buy 117,500 Rifters, because you're a badass like that.

    Take a look at the dollar price of ISK and PLEX and you'll see that this purchase is a great deal. Not only that, but you get it all in one purchase, rather than going through multitudes of PLEX purchases and risky ISK purchases. One account. One purchase, One fortune.
    Why buy an account that can't provide you with exactly what you want?

    1 month, 8 days remaining playtime on the account as of the time of this posting.
    7.2 million SP near perfect trade character (see attached screenshot for skill details)
    19,991,000,000 in straight ISK and 56 PLEX which boils down to a little over 47 billion in ISK based on current PLEX market prices.
    Clean character that has never gone outside of legitimate In-Game methods of isk buying, plex buying, or anything of the sort. This fortune was accrued cleanly.
    Character and assets located in Jita 4-4
    I prefer a clean and smooth transaction, and so I will provide any and all support that I can to ensure that it is the same for you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.