Sold Top Global Account / vvip Runes / LnD Laima / 100+ 6* / 90+ Nat5s

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    runes have been worked on for years, tons of monsters with very fast sets 217 fastest set
    auto all pve content
    Full working tricaru
    Good pvp account, probz go alot higher in the right hands
    Most the nat 5s have full skill ups
    Lots of transmogs and shapeshifting stones... see pictures Any questions feel free to ask. Screenshot_20240702_234606_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240702_234617_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240702_234628_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240702_234153_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240702_234741_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240702_234749_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240702_234756_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240702_234803_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240702_234810_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240702_234820_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240702_234004_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240702_234010_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240702_234040_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240702_234058_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240702_234015_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240702_234020_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240702_234024_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240703_001414_Summoners War.jpg Screenshot_20240703_001429_Summoners War.jpg
Thread Status:
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