Selling [Selling] Eu web 692gs 296k ap/395dp+2xt10 horses+pen bs+6k pearl+pot+max inv slots+10b

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    if you see the post it means still available and updated

    -5.9k pearl
    -horses:t10 pegasus+ t10doom + (9*t10 tries ready )
    -pets: t5 hodge +(7xt3)+t2+t1
    -p2w tent
    -3 naderrs
    -weapon change coupons set
    -family name change coupon
    -max inventory slots on maegu (190)
    -raw silver: +20 bil
    -hp inf pot
    -artisan's memory:+380
    -value pack: ( 20+15+7+7 +active )
    -additional value backs(blessing of old moon pack):3x3d +5x7d
    -perma horn (not from quests)
    -outfit boxes(not opened): 10 in total
    -outfits opened:3
    -p2w camouflage outfit(=3500 pearl) for meagu
    -1x perma horse horn
    -maids: 9+9
    -sealed combat book: +120 days
    -sealed life book: +50 days
    -book of old moon:+75 days
    -loot scrolls: +570
    -kamasylve blessing:+75 days
    -energy-cp: 268-357
    -tons of artisan and pro workers
    -ship: improved epheria sailboat

    -price: 749 usdt OR Binance usdt gift card(link below)
    Unlock Crypto Freedom: Buy Binance Gift Cards Today | AR-PAY
    849 wise-PP
    Discord: abdullah#2524
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