Sold [SELL-MULTI] EA FC24 PC = $3 per 100k/ Playstation/Xbox = $3 per 100k(Tax/Player cost...

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    Hello all, I am selling EA FC 24 coins.

    Price updated:

    PC: $30 a mil (Comfort trade (Tax covered))

    PS4/5 and xbox: $3 per 100k (bid method player cost covered); $3.75 per 100k (comfort trade, tax covered)

    --- Payment : PayPal/Venmo/Cashapp

    My Fut rep:

    I started selling FUT coin from last fifa23 and I am Elite seller in 2k subreddit selling for years and you can find my 2k rep page here too:

    Feel free to pm me or add me on discord to chat: phoenix7852 (please copy and paste id)



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