Selling  Android and iOS  Level 300+ LVL 538 - War Dragons Account Artisan -208k r + (15 keys)

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    Time to pass the torch! After years of epic battles and conquering realms, my beloved War Dragons account is up for grabs. Real-life quests are calling, and I'm reluctantly parting ways with this treasure trove of dragons and achievements. @yermanius

    Level: Artisan 538
    Dragons: 8 Epic Dragons + 25 Legendary Dragons
    Gems & Resources: 208k Rubies
    Achievements: I'm on a sapphire team. + 12riders + Elite armor + bases level 131

    Why let this powerhouse collect virtual dust when it could be soaring to new heights with you? Don't miss the chance to rule the skies in War Dragons. Serious inquiries only, slide into my Line inbox for all the exclusive details! Let the next chapter of dragon glory begin!

    #WarDragons #GameOfDragons #LegendaryAccount

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