Selling  PC  North America  Level 1000-2500  Expert  800+ Level 1367 / Battle pass 1 2 3 /LA valiant 2018 Mercy /91% OW1 items unlocked /18 shop / 49 Event /8

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    More info discord babygirl77x

    Account can be played on any server [EU/Americas/Australia/Asia,More], Overwatch isn't region locked and can be played anywhere on any server u choose

    Use to login with Email and Password provided

    Then choose Security Question answer and proceed

    Email Change : Available

    Password Change : Available

    Secret Answer Change : Available

    Overwatch 1 : Level 1367 (Golden Border 1 Stars)

    Overwatch 2 : Level 11

    Overwatch Coins : 5149 (valued 51 usd)

    Credits : 440

    Competitive Points : 179

    Overwatch League Tokens : 2413 (valued 144 usd)

    Golden Guns (27) : Dva , Doomfist , Roadhog , Sigma , Winston , Zarya , Ashe , Bastion , Cassidy , Echo , Genji , Hanzo , Junkrat , Mei , Pharah , Reaper , Sojourn , Soldier76 , Sombra , Tracer , Widowmaker , Ana , Baptiste , Brigitte , Illari , Kiriko , Mercy

    *** 97% OW1 Items/Skins Unlocked

    *** 18 Shop Skins ***

    Antifragile Kira-Kira Kiriko

    Antifragile BB Brigitte

    Antifragile Traysi Tracer

    Antifragile Slay Star Sombra

    Antifragile Dazzle Dva

    Witch Kiriko

    Executioner Junker Queen

    Imperius Reinhardt

    Street Runner Genji (Hood)

    Water Warrior Sojourn

    Boleiro Lucio

    Harlequin Widowmaker

    Zombie Doctor Mercy

    Gilded Hunter Sombra

    Space Raider Cassidy

    Honey Bee Mercy

    Infinite Ace Dva

    Kiniun Doomfist

    *** 3 MVP Skins ***

    Good and Evil Echo

    Chained King Reaper

    Dallas Fuel Prideful Reinhardt

    *** 3 Mythic Skins ***

    Full Battle Pass Season 1

    - Cyberdemon (ss1 Level 200) and all titles before

    Full Battle Pass Season 2

    - Argonaut (ss2 Level 105) and all titles before

    Full Battle Pass Season 3

    - Peasant (ss3 Level 85) and all titles before

    Cyberdemon Genji

    Zeus Junker Queen

    Amaterasu Kiriko

    *** 49 Event Skins ***

    Bastet Ana

    Dr.Ziegler Mercy

    Oni Genji

    Kerrigan Widowmaker

    Cybermedic Ana

    Sandstorm Cassidy

    Bird Of Paradise Echo

    Kyogisha Hanzo

    Inferno Junkrat

    Bear Mei

    Imperial Guard Reaper

    Ugly Sweater Soldier76

    Mumen Rider Soldier76

    Auspicious Soldier76

    Holi Symmetra

    Rustclad Torbjorn

    Union Jack Tracer

    Combat Medic Baptiste

    Terracotta Medic Baptiste

    Stone Brigitte

    Corredor Lucio

    Bitrate Lucio

    Holly Moira

    Blackwatch Moira

    Subaquatic Zenyatta

    Ice Cream Orisa

    Deadlock Ashe

    Sand Castle Bastion

    8 Ball

    Einherjar Zarya

    Frosty Roadhog

    Pachimari Roadhog

    Jester Sombra

    General Doomfist

    Ascendant Zenyatta

    Officer Dva

    Mystery Man Cassidy

    Okami Hanzo

    Fool Junkrat

    Valkyrie Mercy

    Paragon Reinhardt

    Carbon Fiber Genji

    Winter Widowmaker

    Shrike Ana

    Security Chief Pharah

    Strike Commander Morrison Soldier: 76

    Slipstream Tracer

    Blackwatch Reyes Reaper

    Overgrown Bastion

    *** 80 Overwatch Esports Skins ***

    Los Angeles Valiant 2018 Mercy

    Florida Mayhem 2018 Widowmaker

    San Francisco Shock 2018 Lucio

    Los Angeles Valiant 2018 Orisa

    Dallas Fuel Genji

    London Spitfire Genji

    Paris Eternal Genji

    San Francisco Shock Genji

    Boston Uprising Dva

    Philadelphia Fusion Dva

    Philadelphia Fusion Reinhardt

    Seoul Dynasty Reinhardt

    Los Angeles Gladiators Winston

    Shanghai Dragons Zarya

    New York Excelsior Cassidy

    Houston Outlaws Junkrat

    Dallas Fuel Sombra

    New York Excelsior Tracer

    New York Excelsior Widowmaker

    New York Excelsior Ana

    Seoul Dynasty Ana

    Dallas Fuel Brigitte

    Los Angeles Gladiators Mercy

    London Spitfire Moira

    New York Excelsior Zenyatta

    OW2 Vegas Eternal Ana

    Overwatch League Junker Queen

    Overwatch League Roadhog

    Overwatch League Bastion

    Overwatch League Cassidy

    Overwatch League Genji

    Overwatch League Hanzo

    Overwatch League Mei

    Overwatch League Sojourn

    Overwatch League Soldier76

    Overwatch League Tracer

    Overwatch League Ana

    Overwatch League Kiriko

    Overwatch League Mercy

    Overwatch League Moira

    Legendary Edition (All-Skins)

    Epic Edition (All-Skins)

    Origin Edition (All-Skins)

    Founder Pack (All-Skins)

    Overwatch Coins (valued 51 usd)

    OWL Tokens (valued 144 usd)
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