Selling  High End  Original Owner (Yes) HQ39, 1.5B Might, Solo ZL 49, VIP 16

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    Zombie Lair Stats:
    Troop Attack: 4161.375%
    Troop Defense: 5499.825%
    Troop HP: 4791.375%
    Rider Attack: 6745%
    Rider Defense: 5340.2%
    Rider HP: 5794.2%
    Troop Dmg Up: 46%
    Troop Dmg Down:53.5%
    Rider Dmg Up: 42%
    Rider Dmg Down: 14.5%
    Rider Essentials: 7.5%
    March Size: 514,500
    Rally Size (excluding March): 2,230,000
    -> solos level 49 lairs

    Apex: Fist, Arm, Inoculator, Bow, Tachis, Infrared Rifle, Whip, Ocular Drone, Tesla Cannon, Desert Magnum, Phoenix Helm
    Epic: Deathclaw, Thunder Hammer, Mace of Terror, Katana, Plasma Scanner, Chains, Mechanical Heart, Powered Exoskeleton, Nunchaku, Remote Detonator, Incinerator, Laser Pistol
    Rare: Remote Drone, Ultralight Satchel, Ice Axe, Deathbass, Sniper Rifle, Firefighter Axe

    +8 Scarlett, Ironclaw, Fox, Mccarty, Meyers, Lady M, Marlowe, Ephraim, Mars, Obsidian
    +7 Lora, Eve, Wali, Levina, Requiem, Leah, Ulrik
    +6 Tomoyo, Nam, Phoenix
    +5 Mantis, Lee, Agent X, Samuel

    9.5m t11 riders + 500k in deep healing for 10m total
    52m troops total (big meat shield)
    very well setup account and currently in with one of the top alliances in the game

    discord ID is Jubelum#5607 if you want to message me
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