Sold Hiring devs to be part of our malware dev team. c c++ c# rust js webdev.WILL GET PAYE

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    Hey , I'm part of Acid.Inc.

    Me: iJynx#2064
    PR manager: p0is0n0us#5124
    Discord server: qfdgpsE
    Email: [email protected]

    What is Acid.Inc?
    Acid Inc is a platform that provides ethical malware tools for those who require them. If you know how to make a crypter, some other malware or beautiful front ends and you would like to make some money in the process of learning we'd love for you to be part of the team. Our group has decided to take a new approach to the malware market. Instead of interacting with a WPF or .NET app, you can hop onto our website, purchase one of our products, and do everything on the website. All our tools will be incorporated in an online website with a dashboard, list of tools that the user has purchased, FAQ, About page, community forum and more. This allows users to use the tools they have bought anywhere in the world. We provide a simple and intuitive online design to allow our users to access their tools from anywhere in the world. We actively work to make our crypters FUD, our RATS up to date and our customers as happy as they can be. We will soon be releasing our website ( and are looking for devs to help us get started.

    How to get involved?
    We're looking for those who are interested in learning/developing ethical malware for our upcoming company, we are currently working on projects involving C#, C++ and C. We are also offering positions for those who code with Node.js, JS,, rust, go and more. If you're interested please contact me on discord @iJynx#2064. We currently have 3 devs + myself and others who help us with advertising and other things. We have a working crypter POC and website will be coming out soon. Our plan atm is is release 2-3 products in the next 3 weeks and would love to have more devs help us.

    What projects are we working on rn?
    Right now we are working on a FUD crypter called acetic with lots of extra features. The stub and builder are written are both written in CPP, but we are going to write more stubs in c#, c, rust and go
    An online RAT dashboard, backend and server is coming soon
    Ransomware compiler
    After we finish these projects we will look into other domains such as game cheats and other ethical malware.

    What roles are there in Acid.Inc?
    Malware dev:
    Description: Develops malware for the website
    Requirements: you must be very fluent in at least one of these languages or fluent in 2:
    c, c++, c#, go, rust, (java doesn't count but is a plus)
    and some experience in making malware

    Web dev (backend end):
    Description: Developes the backend for the website
    Requirements for backend: Must be fluent in one of these:

    Web dev (front end):
    Description: Develops the frontend for the website.
    Requirements for backend: Must be able to make responsive front ends and incorporate them with an API. Must be fluent in all of these:
    js, CSS, HTML
    extra: bootstrap, anime.js, other js libs

    Will I get paid?
    Yes of course. We respect our developers and hope to be making $1.5k a week after our official release (20th Jan) which most of will be going to our devs.

    How much will I be paid?
    You will be paid a percentage of what the product you work on makes + a salary relative to what the whole site is making, if you'd like to learn while working on something that interests you while making some money, have any type of enquiry or just wanna say hi, please contact me.

    Me: iJynx#2064
    PR manager: p0is0n0us#5124
    Discord server: qfdgpsE
    Email: [email protected]

    Thank you for your time - Acid.Inc
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