Sold [H] Talos Principle Gold Edition, The Witness, Superliminal, Scorn and more [W] Norco,...

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    Only looking for PP EU offers (only accepting EUR payment), Tf2 keys, and games listed in the title, especially Norco, Endling and Gylt, I won't bother browsing huge "anything here" lists for now, I just want the games listed in the title. Also Scorn is higher tier than the other games and I'd only trade it for my high wants. Full wishlist here:

    You may post your list of games but keep in mind if it only consists of recent Humble Choice games I likely own everything I'd want from it. I'll prioritize offers for games in the title and PP offers.

    I do not have a price in mind for any games here, if you ask "how much for" you'll be asked if you have a price in mind, this also applies to TF2 keys.

    DO NOT send me a chat invite befoee having agreed on a trade in the comments. I do not check chat often and it's a rule to not send a chat invite before commenting anyway.

    If this post is more than 24-48 hours old it might not be up to date and you should check the latest trading post or my full list of tradables to see if the game(s) you want are still there.

    My full list of tradables:

    Asterisk means region lock, ask if interested, the region lock varies depending on the game

    GOG keys

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