EU Selling mule (thf/Dnc/Bst/Whm) mithra

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    Morning all,
    I'm looking to sell my complete FFXI collection of accounts (3) and the gil.

    This here is my Mule account which is semi stripped but has alot to offer anyone looking to return or just a mule.

    Account info:
    Account was created on steam last year so I have FULL purchase/CD key information and will provide SS's if needed of them. Please note that this account can be played on any version of FFXI and not just through steam

    Race: Mithra
    Type: brown tied up hair
    Jobs: 99 THF, 99 DNC, 99 BST, 90 WHM, 80 BRD
    Expansions: All (inc all abyssea)
    **doesn't have the choco berret
    Gil: 2 mil in sellables (dyna currency) and lots of misc

    Server transfer is available and has never been used.
    Cruor: approx 1.3 mil
    Atma's: MM,RR,GH, stout arm and many more
    Needs Rani and 2 more ZB's for shin access (has the pop items)

    Account is active now so March's fees are all prepaid.

    Gear wise it has some AF3+1 but not much, Tandiva legs for DNC but nothing special

    Price wise, I want to get $110 for this account minimum so please only offer accounts around that region.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.