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    Original Owner
    Server: Shiva (Transfer available)
    Full AF3+2 MONK + Verethragna
    4/5 AF3+2 SAMURAI + Masamune
    4/5 AF3+2 SUMMONER
    Full usukane, full marduk,
    + sellables and lots of gil

    Galka / rank 10 San d’Oria

    MONEY :
    31 000 000 gil

    JOBS :
    WAR 49 MNK 90
    WHM 49 BLM 42
    RDM 64 THF 49
    PLD 17 DRK 37
    BST 1+ BRD 86
    RNG 39 SAM 90
    NIN 49 DRG 81
    SMN 90 BLU 1
    COR 22 PUP 5
    DNC 49 SCH 38

    Fishing 78
    Alchemy 60
    Cooking 95+3

    MERITS :
    20/20 to spend + 9999/10000 exp
    Max MP 8/8
    STR 5/5
    Hand-to-hand 8/8
    Great Katana 8/8
    Evasion 4/4
    Summoning magic 8/8
    Singing 8/8
    Crit hit rate 4/4
    Spell interruption rate 4/4
    MONK : Counter 5/5 Kick attack rate 5/5 Penance 5/5 Invigorate 4/5 Formless strikes 1/5
    BARD : Lulluby recast 5/5 Minuet effect 5/5 Nightingale 5/5 Troubadour 5/5
    SAMURAI : Store TP 5/5 Meditate recast 5/5 Shikikoyo 1/5 Blade Bash 4/5 Overwhelm 5/5
    DRG : Jump recast 5/5 High Jump recast 5/5 Deep Breathing 5/5 Angon 5/5

    Missions :
    Rise of the Zilart : The last verse (completed)
    Chains of Promathia : The last verse (completed)
    Assault : Captain rank
    Treasures of Aht Urgan : Eternal Mercenary (completed)
    Wings of the Goddess : Lest we forget (completed)
    A Crystalline Prophecy : completed
    A Moogle Kupo d’Etat : completed
    A Shantotto Ascension : completed
    Abyssea : All zones cleared + Shinryu win + access

    ATMAs :
    Atma of the Lion
    Atma of the Stout Arm
    Atma of the Twin Claw
    Atma of Allure
    Atma of Eternity
    Atma of Heavens
    Atma of the Baying moon
    Atma of the Ebon Hoof
    Atma of Tremors
    Atma of the Savage tiger
    Atma of the Voracious Violet
    Atma of Cloak and Dagger
    Atma of the Stormbird
    Atma of the Noxious Fang
    Atma of Vicissitude
    Atma of the Beyond
    Atma of Stormbreath
    Atma of Gales
    Atma of the Thrashing Tendrils
    Atma of the Drifter
    Atma of Stronghold
    Atma of the Harvester
    Atma of Dunes
    Atma of the Cosmos
    Atma of the Adamantine
    Atma of Calamity
    Atma of Clawed Butterfly
    Atma of the Desert Worm
    Atma of the Undying
    Atma of the Impregnable Tower
    Atma of the Demonic Skewer
    Atma of the Gnarled horn
    Atma of the Strangling Wind
    Atma of the Deep Devourer
    Atma of the Mounted Champion
    Atma of the Razed Ruins
    Atma of the Winged Enigma
    Atma of the Sanguine
    Atma of the Tusked Terror
    Atma of the Minikin Monstrosity
    Atma of the Would-Be-King
    Atma of the Demonic Lash
    Atma of the Murky Miasma
    Atma of the Merciless Matriarch
    Atma of the Brother Wolf
    Atma of the Earth Wyrm
    Atma of the Ascending One
    Atma of the Smithing Blow
    Atma of the Lone Wolf
    Atma of the Crimson Scale
    Atma of the Scarlet Wing
    Atma of the Omnipotent
    Atma of the Frozen Fetters
    Atma of the Plaguebringer
    Atma of the Shrieking One
    Atma of the Crushing Cudgel
    Atma of Purgatory
    Atma of Blighted Breath
    Atma of the Persistent Predator
    Atma of the Stone God
    Atma of the Despot
    Atma of the Hateful Stream
    Atma of the Sundering Slash
    Atma of Entwined Serpents
    Atma of the Apocalypse
    Atma of the Heir
    Atma of the Sellsword
    Atma of Camaraderie
    Atma of Dread
    Atma of Ambition
    Atma of the Beast King
    Atma of the Kirin
    Atma of the Dragon Rider
    Atma of the Impenetrable
    Atma of Alpha and Omega
    Atma of the Ultimate
    Atma of Hybrid Beast
    Atma of the Dark Depths
    Atma of the Zenith
    Atma of Perfect attendance
    Atma of the Rescuer
    Atma of the Einherjar
    Atma of the Griffon’s Claw

    Abyssite of Sojourn x6
    Abyssite of Celerity x3
    Abyssite of Avarice x2
    Abyssite of Confluence x2
    Abyssite of Expertise x2
    Abyssite of Fortune x3
    Abyssite of Kismet x3
    Abyssite of Prosperity x1
    Abyssite of Destiny x3
    Abyssite of Acumen x3
    Abyssite of Lenity x4
    Abyssite of Perspicacity x2
    Abyssite of the Reaper x2
    Abyssite of Guerdon x1
    Abyssite of Furtherance x3
    Abyssite of Merit x6
    Abyssite of Discernment x1
    Abyssite of the Cosmos x1

    Also got some key items to pop NM in Abyssea

    + 504 BS
    + 216 KS

    + 261 traverser’s stones (04/14/2011)
    + 3M Cruors

    + All confluxes in all abyssea zones
    + All outpost warps
    + All dynamis wins except Tavnazia

    Verethragna 85 (+ 26 dragua’s scales)
    Masamune 85 (+18 Isgebind’s hearts)
    Shareeravadi +2 (pet mab+12)
    Vayu’s staff +2 (wind avatar perp -6 and BP delay -10)
    Bahamut’s staff
    Fay Crozier (BP delay -3 avatar perp cost -3 and pet mab+3)
    Apollo’s staff
    Terra’s staff
    Dark staff
    Vougier’s Contus
    Valkyrie’s Fork
    Revenant fists +2
    Taipan Fangs +2
    Soboro Sukehiro
    Erebus’s Lance
    Ram staff
    Amicus Grip
    Vox Grip
    Earth Grip
    Pole Grip
    Rose Strap

    Cantabank’s Horn
    Cradle Horn
    Nursemaid’s harp
    Storm Fife
    Faerie Piccolo
    Traversiere +1
    Siren Flute
    Piccolo +1
    Cornette +1

    Tantra Tathlum
    Black Tathlum
    Thew Bomblet
    Hedgehog Bomb

    Tantra Crown +2
    Tokon Hachimaki
    Anwig Salad (STR4/AGI4/WS acc+15/WS dmg+2%)
    Genbu’s Kabuto
    Unkai Kabuto+2
    Varangian helm
    Usukane Somen
    Myochin kabuto
    Walahra turban
    Gnadbod’s Helm
    Ace’s Helm
    Hissho Hachimaki
    Optical Hat
    Drachen Armet
    Caller’s Horn+2
    Aoidos’ Calot+1
    Summoner’s Horn
    Marduk’s Tiara
    Karura Hachigane

    Faith Torque
    Flame Gorget
    Snow Gorget
    Thunder Gorget
    Chanoix’s Gorget
    Caller’s Pendant
    Eidolon’s Pendant
    Sacrifice Torque
    Morgana’s Choker
    Wind Torque
    Unkai Nodowa
    Tantra Necklace
    Love Torque

    Tantra earring
    Kemas earring
    Brutal earring
    Moonshade earring (atk+4 TP bonus +25)
    Unkai mimikazari
    Caller’s earring
    Gifted earring
    Novia earring
    Loquacious earring
    Magnetic earring
    Musical earring
    Aesir ear pendant
    Supremacy earring

    Tantra cyclas+2
    Temple cyclas
    Ares’s Cuirass
    Augur’s jaseran
    Caller’s doublet+2
    Royal Redingote (pet acc+15 pet rng acc +15 pet macc mab+7)
    Marduk’s jubbah
    Yin-Yang robe
    Unkai Domaru+2
    Kirin’s Osode
    Usukane Haramaki

    Tantra gloves+2
    Heafoc mitts
    Melee Gloves
    Temple gloves
    Ochimusha kote
    Caller’s bracers+1
    Serpentes cuffs
    Marduk’s dastanas
    Choral cuffs+1
    Sha’ir gages
    Summoner’s bracers
    Carbuncle mitts
    Unkai kote +1
    Usukane gote
    Myochin kote+1
    Saotome kote
    Dusk gloves

    Epona’s ring
    Strigoi ring
    Rajas ring
    Iota ring
    Ulthalam’s ring
    Griffon ring
    Bifrost ring
    Omega ring
    Evoker’s ring
    Nereid ring
    Toreador’s ring
    Hoard ring
    Pelican’s ring

    Atheling mantle
    Melee cape
    Unkai sugemino
    Felicitas cape
    Tiresias’ cape
    Asture cape
    Belenos’ mantle
    Nexus cape

    Black belt
    Warwolf belt
    Thunder belt
    Aqua belt
    Twilight belt
    Breeze belt
    Swift belt
    Caller’s sash
    Aristo belt
    Austerity belt
    Desert rope
    Snow belt
    Bullwhip belt
    Goading belt
    Virtuoso belt

    Tantra hose +2
    Ares’ Flanchard
    Drachen brais+1
    Evoker’s spats
    Aoidos’ rhingrave +2
    Caller’s spats +2
    Marduk’s shalwar
    Tatsumaki sitagoromo (mov speed+8 % elemental siphon +20)
    Choral cannions+1
    Bustle Dirs
    Unkai haidate+2
    Usukane hizayoroi

    Tantra gaiters +2
    Melee gaiters
    Aoidos’ cothurnes
    Drachen greaves
    Lancer’s schynbalds
    Evoker’s pigaches +1
    Avocat pigaches
    Rutter sabatons
    Sarutobi kyahan
    Caller’s pigaches+2
    Serpentes sabots
    Marduk’s crackows
    Summoner’s pigaches
    Oracle’s pigaches
    Ace’s sabatons
    Unkai sune ate +2
    Danzo sune ate
    Usukane sune ate

    Gear available at Porter Moogle NPC in North San d’oria (use the claim slips) :
    Askar korazin
    Askar gambieras
    Yigit gomlek
    Shura togi
    Shura haidate
    Crimson cuisses
    Byakko’s haidate
    Suzaku sune ate
    Seiryu’s kote
    Homam manopolas
    Homam cosciales
    Homam gambieras
    Hecatomb cap
    Hecatomb harness
    Hecatomb mittens
    Hecatomb leggings
    Oracle’s cap
    Cobra unit leggings
    Melee crown
    Melee cyclas
    Melee hose
    Wyrm armet
    Wyrm belt
    Summoner’s doublet

    Themis orb
    Cloud evoker
    Deed of moderation
    Orchid chip
    Pure blood
    Vinegar pie
    Rock juice
    Exorcism treatise
    18 coins of glory
    19 coins of decay
    13 coins of ruin
    5 stacks of Kindred’s crests
    1 stack+ of High Kindred’s crests
    1 wieldance stone
    2 balance stones
    Sedna’s tusk x5
    4 ardor stones
    2 wieldance jewels
    10 lancer’s seals (body)
    8 aoidos’ seals (hands)
    8 lancer’s seals (legs)
    And many more …

    Can unlock ares hands + ares feet at NPC in Aht Urgan if you buy the required mats.

    Great account with almost all sellables necessary for the jobs on this character and lots of gil.

    Only accepting Paypal or Western Union.
    Middle man can be used at the buyer’s expense; otherwise the buyer pays me upfront.

    Bids starting at 750€.
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