Selling  Global  Unlinked   Average Epic 7 Global Mail Unverified Name Change MLChoux,MLKawerik,MLRavi,Arch Shadow,S.Tene and 40MoreNat5

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    Selling Epic 7 Global account with Mail Unverified, you can link the account to any email to change the Login ID, and also Name Change you can change the In Game account name to anything you want.

    It includes 5* Moonlight characters: Urban Shadow Choux upgraded to 6*, Mediator Kawerik upgraded to 6*, Apocalypse Ravi upgraded to 6*, Archdemon's Shadow and Specter Tenebria.

    With limited 5* Character: Luna upgraded to 6* and Blooming Lidica.
    Tywin, Cecilia, Ray, Bellona, Sez, Choux, Ken, Charlotte, Lilias, Haste, Kayron, Bomb Model Kannax2, Kawerik, Melissax2, Chloe, Sigret, Kise, Alencia, Muix2, Senya, Yulha, Celine, Pavelx2, Ludwig, Roana, Cermia, Sol, Beehoo, Lidica, Aramintha, Shuna, Krau, Lua, Riza Hawkeye, Aria, Mort, Ram and Destina.

    With 4* Moonlight characters: Angel of Light Angelica, Auxiliary Lots, Shooting Star Achatesx2, General Purrgis, Crimson Arminx2, Tempest Surinx4, Wanderer Silk, Guider Aither, Infintie Horizon Achates, Assassin Cartuja, Great Chief Khawanax2, Inferno Khawazu, Kitty Clarissa, Troublemaker Crozetx2, Assassin Cidd, Assassin Colix2, Blood Blade Karin, Peacemaker Furious, Challenger Dominielx3, Champion Zeratox2 and Sinful Angelica.

    Moonlight blessing is currently used with Arbiter Vildred but you can exchange him for a different Moonlight 5* if you don't want him.

    Has tons of resources to upgrade more characters to 6*, has decent equipment, has 29k Energy and 810 Leifs for energy refreshes, has a lot of catalyst boxes for epic and rare catalyst of your choosing, has a lot of charms to upgrade equipment, tons of resources.

    With 40 Different 5* artifacts, 70 5* Artifacts in total.

    Currently at Abyss floor 51, World Mode/Unrecorded History/ Second Episode/ Third Episode/ Fourth Episode haven't been played yet.


    If you're interested or need more information send me a message, thank you!

    Account Rank: 28

    Discord: Lenryn#0798