Selling  BALANCE 95 FIRE 20 LIFE WARLOD 10 ICE 139 STORM 135 DEATH 119

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    -has 70+ couch potatoes
    -Many mega pets
    -Dragoon gear on both storm and death
    -best stats possible
    -All characters have lore spells
    -many mounts
    -lots of crowns have gone into the account
    -balance is max level gardener
    -account has roc mount, stompy bronto and clock work courser
    - all characters have lore spells, except fire and there is enough reagents to craft them for him
    - fire does not have shadow magic allowing him to do intermediate pvp and he has some of hades gear
    - every character has a mega/ultra pet for optimal stats
    - death has full damage gear aswell as full jade set
    - has all code wands and rare stitches
    - has 3 flutes
    - level 20 life warlord has rampage and fire mastery
    For more information and screenshot contact me at my discord there will also be my email so you can also request information spharkwns