Awesome 48 mil SP char and very cheap

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    Selling my account cause I dont have time to play anymore.
    Awesome missioner\incursion, high standings Amarr Empire 9.28, Caldary Navy 9.43, all agents available.
    Has perfect skills for Golem\Vargur\Tengu\Machariel\CNR\Manticore etc.
    Social skills all you need to 5.

    8m sp in missiles. all you need to 5
    can use T2 cruise, T2 torpedos and T2 Heavy missiles

    9m+ sp in gunnery Minmatar focused, can use:
    T2 projectile/Large autocannons and all you need in gunnery 5

    Excelent Shield tanking skills, All resists to 5 except Kinetic 3 days away.
    T2 small and medium drones.

    15m+ sp in spaceship command:
    Caldari cruiser & battleship 5
    Also Galente and Minmatar BS 5
    Covert Ops 5
    Marauder 5
    Industrial 5
    Subsystems all to 5 for Tengu.
    ORE 5, Freigher 4. Fly charon when you need to move alot.
    Lots of others.
    Char borned in 2006
    Full +4 Implants and some others. Remap available.
    Security Status 5.01
    No kill rights/bounties etc.
    Has 5500 AUR and a 2 mil SP trade/transport ALT for selling stuff.
    Contact me for more details or full skill list.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.