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    Welcome, Stranger.

    I am a humble reseller of many game accounts. I am not the original owner of the accounts I sell, but bought them from the previous owners. They are not stolen or hacked accounts so I assure you the accounts I'm selling are safe. I usually wait a week before posting the account to make sure it's safer.

    Anyway, here's the spec of the account:
    Username: Set
    Birthday: Unset
    Server: Asia
    TL: 69
    Email: Will be changed to your email upon purchase (If it can't be changed I will give the gmail instead)
    Phone: None
    Third party links: None
    Account bought since 04 jan 2024

    Price looking for 150$ now(65$)

    See the content of the account here:

    Since I prefer a good communication with my sellers, I only use manual method to hand over the account personally. I will deliver it within 1 hour or even earlier than that if I'm not asleep. Feel free to ask me anything regarding the account

    Disclaimer please read carefully:
    I give reimbursement if the accounts I sell gets retrieved. Only if it's retrieved not hacked or banned. I will let you pick another account from my stock that's available for free. But to avoid false claim, the indicator to determine if an account is retrieved is the missing of the username. Since from my experience, when an account I bought got retrieved the username is suddenly gone.
    So, if I sell you an account with set username, I will reimburse you if the username is gone.
    If I sell you an account with username unset, you must record when you're setting the username and show it to me if you want to claim reimbursement in the future.
    Buying means you agree to my terms. If you don't, then feel free to buy from others if they can give you better insurance.
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