Account for sale with three characters, total 63 MSP. Main character

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    The account for sale has a main character with over 37.7 MSP, a primary alt with 20,781,704 SP (jump freighter/& covert ops pilot, researcher, & cyno/cloak) and a secondary research alt with 4.5 MSP. The account is paid until the end of November 2012. (Almost 7 months free playtime) All character names are non-offensive fairly neutral.
    All have positive/neutral security and faction standings. All wallets are positive. All come with ships, main has tech II Golem BS, other ships mainly include transports and interceptors. Although wallets are positive isk can be added to the account at the rate of $15 a billion.
    All 3 toons have 5 level 4 research agents each (15 level 4 research agents active on the account), and each makes 100's of millions a month in data-cores, all toons have access to all man faction type research agents, all agents are in high sec! and almost all types of data-cores are available. The key feature is Hundreds of millions of passive isk coming in every month.
    The main character has 4 jump clones, both alts also have 4 clones. All clones are located in high sec.
    All reasonable offers considered for accounts and ISK,
    All other relevant details for the main character are as follows:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.