50.6M SP EVEGUY w/ Ships and other assets

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    I have for sale an EVE online account with a character that has 50.6M SP and comes with some pretty rad ships and some other assets.
    10.3M SP in gunnery
    18.1M SP in Spaceship command
    Good drone skills. Has all T3 Cruiser skills at V. Logistics Specialist.
    I can't recall all the crap this guy has all over the galaxy, but the important stuff includes a fully fit and ready proteus that is worth 2B isk that can solo tank The Maze (10/10 DED Complex, ISK piniata in the tune of a billion or more depending on the run). There are also PVP ships on the account. This guy can fly pretty much any ship you want to fly, and would be a good candidate to take to Capital Ships.
    This account is currently inactive so I can't give you a full list of whats there, but he has 3.60 security status and a positive wallet.
    You can find a link to this character below.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.