13 99+ Jobs Relic Samurai Empy x4 and WHM RDM Mule

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    Loads of Gear And Sellables Around 30mill Capped Merits for 11 of the 13 Jobs Capped HP STR And other Basic Merits Lots of +2 Gear and +2 items for Future Gear Comes with WHM Mule Which is Pretty Well geared for WHM also have RDM on Mule for Fell Cleave Partys Side Not It Also Comes with a FFXIV account 30 Armorer 20 on a few other jobs
    Screen Shots have Alot of Gear Left out Can Post More If Interested
    Original Owner Transfer Is ready March 28th Any Questions Feel Free to Leave a Message
    Relic Great Katana- Amanomurakumo(95)
    Augmented - Armada Hauberk STP+4 Dbl.Atk+2 Subtle Blow+3 Also Augmented Dalmatica Mag.Atk.Bns+4 Occ. Quickens Spellcasting+1%
    Dark Rings with Enemy Crit. Hit rate-3 Breath Dmg taken -5% and Phys.DMG taken -5% and another with PDT-4% Magic dmg taken -5%
    Ogiers Surcoat
    Mekira Meikogai
    Ace's Helms
    Twilight Mail/Helm
    Mextli Harness
    Anhur Robe Heka's Kalasiris
    List out any gil type items: Mekira-Oto+1,Brego Gloves, Avant Cuisses+1, Cursed Subligar-1 Grim Cuirass+1, Tyrants Ring, Pyrosoul Ring, Storm Ring, Hagneia Stone, Sheltered Ring, Paguroidea Ring,Justiciars Torque, Wiglen Gorget, Flume Belt, Windbuffet Belt, Rancor Collar, Bruiser Earring, Zahaks Mail, Hermes Gaiters, Ire Torque+1, Beir Belt+1, Melaco Mitts, Arhats Gi+1, Scorpion Harness +1, Zoraal Ja\'s Axe, Feronia\'s Bangles Most Likely More If i Look
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.