How do I edit or delete a thread?

How can I delete a thread or post?
All members can edit or delete their threads within 30 minutes to 24 hours after posting depending on your membership status. After 24 hours, deleting threads or posts is only allowed for Premium or higher members for security and exploitation reasons. You can however click the "Report" icon and request for specific things to be deleted but there is no guarantee it will be removed after an agent reviews it. Additionally, you can just mark your thread "SOLD" and re-list it for sale.

How do I edit or delete a thread listing?
When viewing your thread, click on the "Tools" icon, and a drop down menu will display what you can edit. Please view this link to see what you are allowed to edit.

How can I delete my thread or post if the time has expired?
If you want want a guaranteed way to delete or edit your thread, we offer 2 affordable paid options to edit or delete your threads or posts.

Thread Remove Posts
Thread Delete

Is there a way you can delete my thread for FREE?
Yes. Open a ticket with Admin and provide the URL of the thread you need deleted.