Getting Started: Sellers Guide

Why should I choose you?
We offer a FREE platform which includes multiple features. Click here to view all features.

How do I sell?
Click here for more information.

What are your middleman services?
Our optional middleman services provide both the buyer and seller added protection during their transaction. Click here for more information.

Who am I selling to?
Sellers sell to directly to fellow players and Premium members.

How secure is your platform?
There is no company that offers anywhere near the security we do when you are buying and selling online video game accounts using our middleman services. If you choose not to use our optional middleman services, we do everything in our power using the latest technology to filter spammers and scammers with support available at no cost through our help forum or by submitting a private ticket.

Are there any guides to selling?
View Guides On How To Buy/Sell