Are VPN / Proxy / Proxies Allowed?

Can I use a VPN or Proxy when browsing PlayerUp?
No. In order to combat against fraudulent users, spammers and scammers which often use VPNs/Proxies, our systems automatically detect users who use a VPN or Proxy. Users who attempt to signup or signin using a VPN/Proxy will be blocked. If you opt to still use a VPN or Proxy, you run the risk of your account being locked down, restricted, suspended or even banned as many of these IP blocks used by VPNs have been blacklisted.

I used a VPN or Proxy accidentally. How can I remove the high risk badge from my account?
Click Here

How do I appeal my suspension if I was suspended for using a VPN?
Go Here. If your PlayerUp Account has been suspended for using a VPN, you do have the option to appeal. Search for your thread that displays your username. Then reply to your thread and request for a moderator to restore access to your account. If you're using a VPN, turn it off and agree that you won't use a VPN in the future.